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Pfizer Director Gets Caught Wanting to Mutate COVID to Profiteer on Future Injections [FULL VIDEO]

Jordon Trishton Walker: "Why don't we just mutate it ourselves so we could preemptively develop new vaccines, right?"

Via Project Veritas:

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RJ O'Guillory
4 months ago

…let’s drag this guy before Congress ASAP and see if he takes The 5th…

4 months ago
Reply to  RJ O'Guillory


Dorothy Gorska-Tyas
4 months ago

Wĥen I watcĥeð tĥe same ĥorror story on €w€-toob anð politely suggested tĥat–if neeð be–I woulð be mo§t ĥappy to serve on guillotine duty! Well, if tĥe sneaky, government colluðing fişĥy rank başş turðs ðiðn’t preðicateðly wipe my appositely şincere offer! I mean really! Wĥat’s wrong witĥ tĥøse gross cr€€pl€ tĥese ðays, anyway? O ju§t watcĥ me sĥeð a faux crocoðile tear at tĥe tĥought of loss . . . Lolz! 🤣 👉 (P.§. I merely repĥraseð matters in a somewĥat coðeð way!)