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Self Defense Warrior Podcast

Self Defense Warrior Podcast – Todd McGreevy (UNCENSORED PREMIUM)

Jeffery and Pat are joined by independent newspaper publisher Todd McGreevy. Located in the Iowa and Illinois Quad Cities region, the River Cities' Reader monthly print publication and daily website has been asking too many questions since 1993.
The fifth protected right in the Constitution's First Amendment is the Petition for Redress of Grievances and in this episode several instances of such petitioning are explored. McGreevy asserts that the petition clause is the only right that has not been adjudicated at the Supreme Court level, as evidenced by the dozens of years of effort by Bob Schulz and the We The People Foundation.

The rights for patients to petition for redress when their doctor's prescription for live saving ivermectin is at the core of the case Dr. David Hartsuch filed in Scott County, Iowa.

Hartsuch also authored this piece about how hospitals are not about patient results, and tied it into Jerry McGuire film.

McGreevy talks about the Brunson vs Congress case that is being reviewed in a January 6, 2023 Conference by SCOTUS. The case is vilified by some as "hopium" and "Q-Anonsense" while McGreevy asserts that US Code does state that if anyone gives aid to an enemy during war that is treason and makes an office holder incapable of holding that office.

The gist of the Brunson case is that over 100 congress people called for investigations of election fraud in 2021 prior to approving the Electoral College votes. And rigging an election is an act of war. McGreevy asserts that there's no risk or harm in waiting this one out to see if the effort gains any traction at SCOTUS. More info at

The ultimate petitioning for a redress of grievances is protesting at the door steps of the government offices while they conduct their duties as their oath of office requires. This is what was occuring on January 6, 2021 McGreevy asserts. And the story published a year ago in the Reader is reviewed where Pat and four others provided first hand accounts of what they saw on Jan 6.

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