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Silk Reveals What Happened During The Exact Moments Diamond Died Suddenly [VIDEO]

"Don't you dare call me a conspiracy theorist because I saw it happen. I saw how it happened. I was there when it happened and it happened suddenly." - Silk

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Douglas Carlson
5 days ago

A powerful speech!

5 days ago

It’s the Kill Shot …………. and the murderers must be brought to justice.

5 days ago

The family can perform one final act for Diamond: the can demand an autopsy and release the results. If, for instance, it was spike protein damage to the heart then that can be tested for in the examination. Provided the coroner is competent and is not politically silenced of course. Then the results can be publicly released.

With The Donald sitting in the audience, this, if confirmed, might move him off his ‘safe and effective’ slogan to something more akin to reality. And it would speak for the millions of all ages who worldwide have ‘died suddenly’ and warn the billions who have been jabbed of their risk. This last act could speak for all the non-notables passing away without the fanfare, where all they get is something along the lines of ‘a terrible tragedy and we mourn the loss’. It would also hasten the start of Nuremberg II for an accounting of the criminals who unleashed this bio weapon on humanity.

And finally it may prompt action to seize and destroy stocks of this technology bio weapon, to stop its spread to other medicines and remove it from the food chain. Putting this technology in animals for any reason is putting a bio weapon in the animal. And no bio weapon has any health benefit. The only result that occurs is sickness or death, neither of which falls under the goal ‘safe and effective’, good or necessary.

SoCal Gal
5 days ago
Reply to  perspective001

I’m sure the embalmer knows what happened. If the white clots were there, he knows.

4 days ago
Reply to  SoCal Gal

The white clots are only one of the terminal injury possibilities. The spike proteins all by themselves can damage enough tissue to stop a heart from beating. Or the spikes can cause a conventional blood clot for stoke or pulmonary embolism. Variety of causes of death are one of the more nefarious aspects of these jabs.

Another source I read (so many on the topic so I can’t link to it) said Diamond has already been cremated. If so, the evidence is gone and with it the opportunity.

4 days ago

Go ask that idiot Trump who pushed the vaccine.

4 days ago

I’m surprised. I thought Diamond was against the Covid jab. So she got it?

4 days ago

Silk never actually said that Diamond got the Covid jab, so I’m confused. Did she get it or not?

4 days ago

so was diamond jabbed?

4 days ago
Reply to  Tyrone

That’s what the non-vaxers want to know. We ask that question every time the died suddenly headline appears.
We just want the truth.

4 days ago

God BLESS your Sister and You, My Heart goes out to you and your family. Lets speak some truth for a moment here. Before the shots(C0v!d) MASSES WERE NOT DIYING SUDDENILY. NOW… ? IF SHE TOOK THE KILL SHOT(s) that TRUMP RECCOMENDED AND STILL DOES then I’m sorry to say that she was killed off by not just herself by signing that waver but by MANY that don’t and still don’t have a conscience. No one will be brought to justice because as they have all signed the death paper and that is why 1/3 rd of our pouplation will now die just like says in Revelations. We LIVING THE END OF THE BIBLE. I am one that didn’t believe in ALL of what the bible says is true but now it’s proven to be correct. Just like Lisa Marie Presley showing she got the shot well the shot is the shot alright it’s like lining up against the wall waiting your turn to get shot from the firing squad. It’s all so AWFUL and some of us are now done with the being mad at those that got the shot and hated us tossed us out of the family and even said you can’t see the grand kids… We understand PAIN IS PAIN but we couldn’t stop you from doing it to yourself EVEN WHEN TRUMP TRUMPED to get the SHOT we DIED A little inside every day and every time he said it. We had our months or weeks of crying relalzing that not many would listen but we marched on and while we do hope you all can get your answer from the Maine stream media we wont hold our breath that they will give you closer. They were the ones PUSHING the Shots they were the ones FEEDING THE FEAR “WEAR YOUR DAMN MASKS” they were the ones spreading FEAR PORN. We the ones that didn’t take is ARE STILL trying to keep you from harm giving this FEAR DEATH SHOT TO your Children and babies. But so many have sacrificed themselves to show us what NOT TO DO. We keep pushing on and PRAY FOR ALL OF YOU even when you followed a MAN that TRUMPED the DEATH Shots. Believe me I VOTED for him to but NEVER will again till he TELLS THE TRUTH. NO HU(MAN) will ever be bigger then GOD be better then GOD. Trump may save the 1/3 of us left on this earth that live pass these shots but he KILLED OFF 2/3rds of the population with Dr F and Dr B…
He is a MASSIVE FAILURE to me and I pray we have SOMEONE WAY BETTER then TRUMP to put in office then him. With a HEAVY HEART I PRAY for your family as I loved watching you 2 sisters. But please know if she took the shot it’s the shot(s).

4 days ago


3 days ago
Reply to  by:c.b.