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Will 2023 Be a Year of Revulsion, Revolution, or Revival? – JD Rucker

America is at the crossroads of history in 2023. Never has our nation faced so many simultaneous existential threats. Nearly every country on the planet is plagued with similar situations in which cascading crises are tearing the fabric of our existence. Yet far too many, especially in America, have refused to see, recognize, or acknowledge these massive challenges, choosing instead to shelter in place rather than work to address these issues. We're waiting for someone to solve our problems, and unfortunately that means most are hoping government will step in and do something about it all.

As a nation we were built on the concepts of freedom and self-reliance. The Constitution was designed to limit government and allow the people to flourish as a result. But for two-and-a-half centuries those freedoms have been steadily eroding. Government has grown. Self-reliance has diminished. Today's younger generations are made up of people who no longer want government to stay out of their way. They want solutions to problems that were largely created by the people who are supposed to offer the solutions. We're stuck in a feedback loop that has created a self-perpetuating Hegelian Dialectic.

2023 is certain to bring conflicts both internal and external. We must make a personal choice about whether we're going to let the world deteriorate around us or if we're going to fight for it. We must also choose whether to fight the good fight for our nation or if we should abandon that dream and focus on ourselves, our families, and our communities. Will 2023 be a year of revulsion, revolution, or revival? Thankfully, these things are not mutually exclusive.

On today's episode of The JD Rucker Show, I explained why revulsion will continue and get worse in 2023. I also explained why we are desperately in need of a revolution of truth, one that gets patriots back out their to protest, file lawsuits, and prepare for real battle should the powers-that-be really dig into our freedoms. Then, I described why it's necessary to have a different kind of Christian revival than we've seen in the past. We don't need to focus on getting higher numbers in churches on Sunday. We need to engage in hand-to-hand spiritual combat, changing hearts and minds one at a time if necessary.

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