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Would You Send Your Kids Into World War 3 For Ukraine? – Drew Berquist & Ray Dietrich On The FD Show [VIDEO]

"This week, things really escalated. I know. We could say that last week, and the week prior to that, and we've been saying it even on this very show for weeks and weeks and weeks." - Drew Berquist

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Candace Orr
1 month ago

My grandson is in the Air Force. I absolutely would not want him to go to war for Ukraine.

1 month ago

world war 3 is russia or usa totally destroyed in less than 1 hour

Luz Maria
1 month ago

However, I’d send Biden’s and those of Dems and rinos. Iow, those pushing the Biden proxy war with Russia.

1 month ago

It is an odd thing looking at the arguments on this. Would you send your children to world war iii for the Ukraine?

Would you do it for Poland? Germany? France? Great Britain? South Korea? Taiwan? Australia? Japan? Chile? Panama Canal? Canada? Mexico?

We should just give up now, roll over, turn over our nuclear weapons to China, lay down in the fetal position and beg for light chains because handing over the rest of the world gets us to that position in the end anyways.

Marianne McGloin
1 month ago


1 month ago

Thats the line of death…At that point, its time for the blood of tyrants to spill

1 month ago

NO! and I wouldn’t send anyone else’s in this evil Noh play.

Before some room temperature clown posts a kneejerk slam about me – SSgt USAF ’62-70, you know, helping fight two wars at the same time, Viet Nam and the so-called Cold War.

1 month ago

I’m retired military. I couldn’t in good conscience influence anyone to jon the military, pursue a medical profession, or become a journalist.