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Zelensky Cleans House in “Anti-Corruption Drive,” AKA Covering Up His Own Corruption – JD Rucker

When the walls are closing in on a corrupt government or even a corrupt individual leader, two things happen. First, the failsafe protocols that were put into place for such an event are triggered. We've seen examples of this in both fiction and real life in the form of document shredding and people scrambling to get evidence removed or destroyed within an office prior to a raid. When it's an entire government doing the covering-up, the scale is exponentially larger.

The second thing that happens is that the appropriate scapegoats are sent to slaughter. Some do it "willingly" in exchange for certain considerations. Some are thrown under the proverbial bus without warning. Others are just made to disappear. That's what we're seeing in Ukraine right now as one of the most corrupt governments in the world, under the leadership of an extremely corrupt president, begins purging people to push eyeballs in the wrong direction.

Unfortunately, everyone in corporate media and just about everyone in alternative media is falling for it. According to Daily Caller News Foundation:

Several high-level Ukrainian officials resigned Tuesday amid corruption allegations, including a deputy defense minister accused of overpaying on a contract for military food rations, according to multiple media reports.

Kyiv said its largest leadership shakeup since Russia’s invasion exactly 11 months ago demonstrated Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s desire to root out government corruption, according to Reuters. Three top ministers, a deputy prosecutor general, a deputy head of the president’s office, and a deputy defense minister left their posts Tuesday after Zelenskyy hinted at personnel shifts Monday, and several regional governors also resigned, The New York Times reported.

“Zelenskiy’s personnel decisions testify to the key priorities of the state,” a senior adviser to the president, Mykhailo Podolyak, said, according to Reuters.

“The president sees and hears society. And he directly responds to a key public demand – justice for all,” Podolyak added.

This is all a smokescreen. The real corruption is in Volodymyr Zelensky himself and those closest to him in government. The corruption is also coming from his puppet masters among the globalist elite cabal. I covered all of this on the latest episode of The JD Rucker Show.

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4 months ago

Let’s see, $100,000,000,000 in cash, loans, and equipment. And not one ounce of transparency. Then our richest legislators go to Ukraine (McConnell, Cornyn, et all) to possibly pick up their 10% for the big guy checks. Then Zelenskiy’s wife goes to Paris begging for more money but takes a day off to go on a $40,000+ shopping spree. I ask you who is the most corrupt Zelenskiy, our legislators, JoeBama, or all of the above? These funds need to be audited to the last penny and any disparities should be met with immediate jail time.

4 months ago

There was no mention of Zelenski’s wife spending $200,000 on her trip to Davos to the WEF conference.

Old Fur Trapper
4 months ago

It was long known Bidens were in the Ukraine up to their balls in corruption! And who can forget Brain Dead Joe’s famous Quid Pro Quo on the removal of the investigator or they wouldn’t get aid? Yet the author completely ignored this! And the Pentagon failed the 5th audit of where the money went into the Ukraine! Biden doesn’t give a damn about protecting this Nation! Zelenski is in the field defending his no matter what corruption is involved! He leads! Bastard Biden lies and kowtows to enemies and won’t defend our borders or out nation! Why?