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The JD Rucker Show

10 Actions to Take Today to Save the Nation and Save Yourself – JD Rucker [UNCENSORED PREMIUM]

The world has gone insane. We have never faced so many existential threats at once, and it seems clear the powers that be have no intentions of making anything better. The people many used to turn to for assistance are the ones making things harder. We're witnessing the culmination of their decades-long efforts to make people believe they need to turn to the government to solve their problems.

It may be too late for the nation to turn away from dependency and turn back toward self-reliance and self-governance, but as individuals we have time to make a difference in our own lives. If enough of us do so, there's a chance that we can change the course of the nation and the world. Those chances may seem low, but we do not know God's plan. This is why we must fight the good fight for both ourselves as well as for our nation. To assume all is lost is to accept the adversary has won.

On today's episode of The JD Rucker Political Report, I will be going over 10 changes we can make in our lives that will help solve two problems. First and foremost, these changes can help us better secure the present and future for ourselves and our families. Second, these changes will contribute to achieving a reprieve for our nation and thereby, the world.