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8 Reasons to NEVER Trust Anything This Government Says – JD Rucker

Up until very recently, I didn't have trust issues with the government. I thought there were good guys and bad guys, but I thought the institution of government itself was only evil when we put evil people in place. I no longer feel this way. If we've learned anything over the last couple of years, it's that the "good guys" are extraordinarily rare in government at all levels and in all countries, and even they are often too weak or corrupted to be able to do much good.

On today's episode of The JD Rucker Show, which will air at 8 am Pacific, I discussed eight reasons pulled from headlines that we should never trust anything this government tells us. In fact, we should go forward assuming that all government is fully corrupted. That's unfortunate because I am not an anarchist. I believe in the need for limited government, so if we can't trust them, then we're forced to head toward the purest forms of government of and by the people. That's not how the Constitution was written as a whole, so we're in a big pickle.

I discussed these eight topics that should convince viewers that government is not to be trusted:

Pretty much everything we're being told about the Ukraine war is a lie.
The Arizona election (and many others) produced results that are mathematically impossible.

The push for electric vehicles is actually a push to eliminate ALL private vehicle ownership by "normal" people.

The world economy is being herded toward collapse.

Most in government are attacking the Constitution instead of defending it.

Nobody in government, not even the "good guys," is going after Pfizer following the Project Veritas bombshell.

Governments across the world are pushing for food shortages, so they have total control over supply and therefore the people.

Child rapes are increasing, and nobody in government is lifting a finger to stop them.

Even if you don't watch the show, know this: Our government at just about every level and in nearly every country on the planet is not working on our behalf. They all have puppet masters of some sort, most notably the globalist elite cabal that's pulling so many strings. It is my sincere hope that today's show will open some eyes, not to mention hearts and minds.

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