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Alicia Powe Show

EUGENICS WARS: Holocaust Survivor Exposes COVID Nazis – Alicia Powe [UNCENSORED PREMIUM]

Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav, the president of the Alliance for Human Research Protection, discusses her documentary series “Never Again is Now Global,” which features powerful testimony from fellow survivors and about the inhumane Nazi policies that culminated in the Holocaust while drawing parallels to the modern eugenicist Covid policies, in an exclusive interview with Red Voice Media.

The new documentary also exposes co-conspirators that actively helped enable the Holocaust, including IBM, the Rockefellers, and other oligarch families, large American corporations, many present-day household names, establishment elites, and complicit governments their their "experts," i.e., the doctors and scientists working for them in pursuit of “the science.” The common threads in all of it are money, power, and eugenics.

The Alliance for Human Research Protection is a public interest watchdog organization whose goal is "to unlock the walls of secrecy in biomedical research and bring accountability to that endeavor."

Vera's achievements include the suspension of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) pesticide experiment (CHEERS) on children; the complaint led to two federal investigations on the use of children in foster care as guinea pigs in experimental AIDS drug and vaccine trials; suspension of the smallpox vaccine on children; suspension of “violence prediction” experiment that exposed 6–11-year-old NYC boys of color to fenfluramine; opened a public debate about the ethics of relapse-inducing experiments in schizophrenia patients. Organized families and victims of unethical research to join her in testifying before the National Bioethics Advisory Committee (NBAC) — regarding unethical experimentation on mentally disabled psychiatric patients; those testimonies led to a prize-winning series in the Boston Globe, “Doing Harm: Research on the Mentally Ill” — ultimately resulting in the shutdown of 29 clinical trials at the National Institute of Mental Health (1999).

Mrs. Sharav served on the Children’s Workgroup of the National Human Research Protection Advisory Committee, where she was the sole dissenter objecting to the expanded use of children in high-risk medical experiments. She has testified before public policy advisory panels, including the Institute of Medicine — against human pesticide experiments, prison drug research, and numerous FDA hearings exposing the misuse of psychotropic drugs for children.