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Libs Lose Mind Over Trump Visiting Ohio With Supplies | Biden Admin To Not Give A F$ck | Ep 521

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Joe Biden skipped out on East Palestine, Ohio and visited Ukraine instead. Other administration officials and DC organizations have taken 3 weeks to visit and are getting upset when asked why they took so long. Plus, the left is melting down over President Trump's visit and generosity to the residents of East Palestine and we dive into some memes.

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3 months ago

Where is OSHA, I have not heard that mentioned once?? Bizarre??? This derailment is not cutting the truth meter…. How did the train derail. Why were there so many cars containing hazardous materials all on one run? Was anyone injured on the train? Where is a comment from the engineer? Why are all the chemicals & qty not posted for the public to see? What was the condition of the rail?? How many cars derailed…. There are so many questions the people of that area and the country need to have answers to and they are getting nothing… They will not even speak on camera. having a hard time accepting this as an accident….and I am sure the people of this city are feeling and thinking the same… Their lives have been destroyed and uprooted completely….and the democratic administration could give a shit..The same company that is majority owner in this rail company Vangaard, has plans to open a micro ship factory near there and that type of factory needs to use a ton a water, any coincidences, possibly… The air flume headed for Amish farms, non GMO farms and seed factories… looks intentional more and more….