Chad Caton

National Defense Local Action Has National Impact And…That CCP Balloon! – Chad Caton

On today's show former candidates for SC Secretary of State Kieth Blandford and General Thomas McInerney get fired up about national defense on the local level and how it has a national impact...oh and that CCP Balloon!!!

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3 months ago

I think the spy balloon is just google project loon. Seriously. There is a controversy about satellites. I dont believe they exist, this is all they have. And why blame this balloon on china? They just made it up out of a hat and the countries go along with people are scared of. My thoughts

Dorothy Gorska-Tyas
3 months ago

Perĥaps, countless legions of ðaintily gracious olðer laðy patriots–robustly branðisĥing near magical walking staffs’n brooms–coulð be conscripteð to wĥømp’n wacķ scurriløu°şłÿ inf€rior politi°calløus ĥacks ‘crøss their r€ptilian pøst€riors’n backs, for all tĥe €VĮL tĥe latter’ve ðone to ĥumanity’n tĥen §ome. . . 💫☝️💫

3 months ago

Fix 2020!