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Putin May Be An Evil Bastard But What He Just Said Makes More Sense Than Joe Biden – Foreign & Domestic [VIDEO]

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21 days ago

My DOG makes more sense than FJB.

21 days ago

Why is he an evil bastard? Because he took action against a hostile state on his border that had been coopted by an organization antagonistic against his country that constantly broke peace accords with his government? A country that even the leader of NATO has admitted started killing his people in 2014 by the thousands? A country riddled with Nazi ideology and government institutions? A country riddled with biolabs controlled by the people that funded the labs that produced the Covid political plague to grab world power, that he opposes? Your title discredits your ability to reason. I could give two turds about Russia, but I can recognize the bad actors in this situation.

21 days ago


Whaddiz Trufe
21 days ago

Why is Putin an “evil bastard” any more than say, for example, Joe Biden or Mitch McConnell? At least Putin cares for his country and his people. Biden, Harris, McConnell et al, with many other Neocons, are Traitors to their countries and deserve just punishment. I’m not particularly a fan of Putin, but Putin hasn’t been the one pushing for war – it is NATO at the behest of the US. Russia has been backed into a corner and responded accordingly.

21 days ago

You lost me at, “Putin May Be An Evil B_____d”The man is a great leader who loves his country and its people. Signed A US VET that would be put in a cage before standing and fighting for the US again in this lifetime.

21 days ago

Why do most conservative media feel like they have to vilify Putin before they can bring out the good that he does for his country It’s ridiculous.

21 days ago

All my life, while growing up, I was taught that the United States were the good guys but after two years of the Obiden administration I am beginning to think that I was lied to.

20 days ago

Putin is no more evil than American Politicians. Where do you think the term Arkancided came from? Did not democrat politicians allow BLM and ANTIFA to hurt and kill people during their riots? And the biggest example of evil is the mandating of the covid vaccine. Period. End of story. Thousands are being killed. Remdesivir treatment mandated by hospitals because the Centers for Medicare Systems (CMS) and CDC mandated people be killed. Talk about Evil.

Valerie Brooks
20 days ago

No marriage contracts for gays or freaky sexed. The contract goes to male and female. IDK what the holy book sais about who can raise children. I would say they need a tribe of several dozen or more to protect and look after them all as a group thing. Natural leader types can make tribes. Going at it alone with just a couple in a house or apt seems retarded because there’s not enough to hold children’s interests going on.

20 days ago

It’s the third or forth time that I tried to listen to you because of the head line, which are always misleading anyway, and this was the last time. And I do not forgive you that you not knoweth
what you’re babbling on about.