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The Pandemic Treaty Is The Great Reset, But Patriots in Media Are Too Distracted to Notice – JD Rucker

The most immediate and arguably the biggest threat to this nation is in the process right now, but the vast majority of Americans are in the dark.

Normally, we can attribute blindness to the complicit corporate media industrial complex, but there's a cloud hanging over the "good guys" that seems to be keeping most out of the fight.

The Pandemic Treaty, which is expected to be signed by Joe Biden very soon, is a clear and present danger, but you couldn't tell if you get your news from conservative and alternative media.

On today's show, JD will go over what's really happening and why nobody seems to be paying much attention to it.

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3 months ago

When was the last time We The People had a vote or say where our tax $$$ go to?..

Lorraine Smith
3 months ago

Do the US insert EU Law into US Law?