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Rob Maness

America First War Policy Supporters Are Being Attacked by Pro-Ukraine Warmongers – Rob Maness Ep 172 [UNCENSORED PREMIUM]

We have made the Ukraine warmongers mad because independent America First media and policy advocates are calling them out with the facts.

We are embarrassing them and their pro-war politicians by pulling the mask of their propaganda off and revealing them for what they are, corrupted, endless war policy supporters.

High-level politicians such as my own senator, the ranking GOP member of the Senate Armed Services Roger Wicker, say things like “Winning in Ukraine is vital to US interests” without supporting their statements with concrete and validated facts.

They say things like a “Russian victory, or even a frozen conflict threatens American security and trade in Europe” while providing zero facts that Russia has ANY intentions at all of attempting an invasion of Western Europe.

They provide no facts because there aren’t any to back up their escalatory and dangerous rhetoric. This week we’re talking with one of those America First publishers, and I might add, the newly minted host of Red Voice Media’s flagship streaming tv show.

Matt Couch of the DCPatriot and Red Voice Media is stepping up to the plate to take on the propagandists that want our American kids to die in an unnecessary war with Russia.