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Ralph I Coffman
4 days ago

John Medved the CNBC Middle East Financial expert said over 1/2 of all israeli companys had ties to Silicon Valley Bank! SVB was the go to bank for israeli startups. Over 90% of deposits at SVB was uninsured. Israel moved out 10’s of Billions out of SVB just days before the Friday collapse happened including $42 Billion thursday alone!!! Israel’s finance minster was here in the US and worked Janet Yellen all weekend to bailout israel’s money that was left uninsured. Even Netenyahu was furiously working the phones to bailout israeli money in SVB and Signature Bank.Why didn’t the FDIC close SVB Wed??? Barney frank who was on the board of directors of SVB had more than a little to do with letting israeli concerns know that they should pull out THEIR money !!! America has become israel’s Bitch !