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Donald Trump To Be Arrested Next Week – Fox News Source [VIDEO]

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8 days ago

Hahaha…the Dems just want a civil war so badly… Glock n Roll kidz

8 days ago

Donald Trump, a BILLION-aire, could do what so many people did on Epstein Island and not get arrested. So I believe the “law” should tread lightly.

8 days ago

Politics, politics, and more politics. Remember the Wizard of OZ? Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Two failed impeachments, a failed 2am FBI raid, a failed Russian Dossier, and the circus keeps running. Don’t they understand that no one believes anything they have to say anymore. I don’t think even Barnum & Bailey would put up with their clown show anymore.

Ed Cane
8 days ago

If I ever get to be a juror against ANY anti American person, they’d best prepare to spend their remaining days praying.

God Bless Donald Trump.
God Damn a liberal.

George Mcdowell
8 days ago

Faux news loves it

Luis Campos
8 days ago

if they arrest Trump it will be Civil War against all the George Soros DA`s and Corrupted Law enforcers

Luis Campos
8 days ago

But nevertheless the Foxes are Fake news.

Candace Orr
8 days ago

The left is scared of Trump. As long as they are in power, they will never stop persecuting him. They think have to do something after they lied about January 6th. The left thinks this is their counterattack. What evil people.

Craig Sheffield
8 days ago

Yes; we will see, all while baby Joe eats his pudding in the oval playground with the cackling vice recess teacher. Let’s go Brandon.

8 days ago

“HUSH MONEY” – (noun) – another term for “settled out of court” which happens every day.

8 days ago

And make a martyr out of him. The Left proving once again they aren’t too bright.

Colt Baldwin
8 days ago

I’ll take “Libtard Desperation” for 100.

8 days ago

People, think of those from January 6th. If Trump gets arrested and you aren’t literally ready to go to war for everything, something which Trump not only will get out of, but will take that badge to a freakin’ victory that obliterates what he did in November 2020, you’ll be in prison just like the others. This is an attempt to set people up. Stay away.

Colt Baldwin
8 days ago
Reply to  Empty

If anything like that happens you can bet that it’ll be Fed agents and Antifa punks wearing red MAGA hats.

Bill Halcott
7 days ago
Reply to  Colt Baldwin

Also hiding weapons behind Trump flags worn on their backs.

Colt Baldwin
8 days ago

Fake Dossier – FAIL
Russian Collusion – FAIL
Bogus wiretapping – FAIL
Impeachment One – FAIL
Impeachment Two – FAIL
Mar-a-Lago Raid – FAIL
Pelosi J6 Committee – FAIL
This Crapola – Guaranteed return to the White House

8 days ago

Just another psyop on conservatives, they want to keep us all stirred up so we aren’t paying attention to what they are doing. They will never arrest Trump, he is working one of them.

7 days ago

The LOSERS in ny couldn’t pin a tail on donkey without a blind!!

TRUMP 2024

6 days ago

Trump is a psyop on the conservative people, why do you want to be complicit in pushing poison on the American People ? Stop pushing the Poison Pusher !

Bill Halcott
7 days ago

It would leave Algonquin J. Calhoun, attorney at law, speechless in shocked admiration