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Hot Mic Catches Joe Biden Handler Giving Basic Instructions, Mayorkas Wants To Ban ‘Assault Weapons’ – RVM Roundup With Chad Caton

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Today’s best:

1: WOW! Hot Mic Catches Joe Biden Handler Giving Basic Instructions; Then We See Why He Needs Them

2: Biden's DHS Secretary Wants To Ban 'Assault Weapons' But Can't Define What They Are

3: Kamala’s Hubby Starting A New Fashion Line? Tucker Suggests A Great Name For It

4: Fauci Involved In Massive Cover-Up, Evidence Says He's Still Working For Federal Government

5: Joe Biden Cracks A Joke In Response To Question About The Trans Terrorist Nashville School Shooting

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6: Blackface Justin Trudeau Put A Banana In His Pants, Denigrated Black Men

7: They want to take away #2a for American Citizens. #NashvilleCovenantSchool is just their next narrative for that but at the same time they are handing #ukraine weapons the same way they hand @POTUS Ice Cream after a presser

8: Mayorkas Gets Grilled On CCP Members Coming Into The US; His Response Is Far Less Than Transparent

9: Co-Sponsor Of Green New Deal Completely Clueless About What Is In It
The Climate Cult is real

10: Katie Hobbs Press Secretary Resigns After Invoking Gun Violence Against 'Transphobes'

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2 months ago

“When the government takes away the right of the citizens to bear arms, it becomes the duty of the citizens to take away the right to govern from the government” – George Washington