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Joe Biden Cracks A Joke In Response To Question About The Trans Terrorist Nashville School Shooting [VIDEO]

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2 months ago

Smart ass JERK Biden thinks it’s funny Christians are murdered ESPECIALLY since he’s got these transgenders backs. Biden is ANTI Christian, he must be elated of this tragedy. Devil worshipper is what Biden is.

Alexander Hunter
2 months ago

Biden has no idea about most everything until he gets his script. The moment Josh Hawley is mentioned he takes the opposing position, they quickly retracts what he said. The fact he openly states he has NO IDEA as to the targeting of a Christian school by a serious controlled mind for violence shows he is in no way truly in control or has knowledge of anything. A total puppet and the White House reporters are usually just as bad. OK, one intriguing question got thru, this trend will be curtailed by the powers behind the scene soon.

2 months ago

Joey is brain dead.

2 months ago
Reply to  Rick

From his ass up !

2 months ago

This inept clown excuse for a president making light of those parents’ worst possible nightmare….. just like he did in respomse to the issue about the two brothers that died from Fentanyl poisoning. And morons like Kneepads and Pelosi think he has done a masterful job. Unbelievable.

2 months ago

Joe Biden is a walking turd , lower than the end product from the south end of a north bound jackass ! The guy is a total disgrace not to mention a chronic life long liar .

2 months ago

How convenient, he’s the “president” and he has no idea. Just like a DemocRAT how he lies with a straight face with his snake tongue.

2 months ago

Pedophile Biden used to barge in when his teen niece was showering and terrified her. In comparison, joking at the loss of innocent life is nothing.

A law abiding gun owners did not commit this crime. A mentally ill tranny not sure of what they were and supported by the criminal left did. By definition of existing gun control laws, trannys should be prohibited to own firearms as they are mentally unstable.