Chad Caton

Marky Hutt Sounds Off On Groomers and How the Gay Community Wants Them Gone | I’m Fired Up With Chad Caton

Chapter leader from the Gays Against Groomers organization, Marky Hutt, stops by to share how the gay community is vehemently opposed to the sick trend of grooming our nation's youth. Plus, he and Chad get into several other topics as well.

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11 days ago

you are clueless dude. I am also gay and a trump suppporter. ive lost all my friends as well. But you sir, continuosly keep saying the most rude non factual bs ive heard all morning. i think you have bisexual tenencies that make you uncomfortable. it’ll be ok bub

9 days ago
Reply to  michael

Most of what I’m hearing is that involving children in any of this is disgusting, if the trans community would let the children go and stop their nonsense nobody will give a 💩 about them… Maybe that’s why they’re holding on to the children because nobody will give a 💩about them once they let the kids go, just curious do you enjoy entertaining children while Half nude,,its really gross negligence any parent allowing this should be investigated.

9 days ago

A biological man will never menstruate or have blood spill from his privates,, I wish this lying would stop,, this is a straight up lie to growing children, imagine being a boy 9 waiting for your period to come,, this is just horrid and horrible