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RFK Jr Set To Primary Joe Biden? [VIDEO]

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Dr.Bobbi Anne White
2 months ago


Pasta Fazooli
2 months ago

Hope he’s got his life insurance paid up, assasicide is a terrible way to go.

fat boyz
2 months ago

I’ll definitely take him over Trump… as a conservative!

2 months ago
Reply to  fat boyz

People like you are what’s wrong with this country. You’re the reason I can’t afford to pay for things. You and the other brain dead Biden voters are going to make the U.S. a dictatorship regime which we are very close to being it right now. Hopefully, you repent for supporting an anti-Christian, baby murdering and pedophile selected president . Each to their own.

Joe Cool
2 months ago

So this guy who is so concerned about health is all about killing babies?? Or is he going to remake the party and purge the baby killers?

2 months ago
Reply to  Joe Cool

I think he will be a pro-life convert. He fights for other lives against the eugenicists–it isn’t a big step for the founder of Children’s Health Defense to start protecting children a little younger. We’ll have to pray for him!

2 months ago
Reply to  Joe Cool

If you think any politician cares about babies, you’re naive.

Eric Schrader
2 months ago

RFK, Jr. has been a great voice for those who dare to question the purveyors of “science” in the whole plandemic debacle. He’ll expose Biden for what he is. A chronic, dumb liar.

2 months ago
Reply to  Eric Schrader

Dumb brain thinks lies are impossible…”I didn’t mean that, I mispoke, I meant this:”
Trans-mind: facts are opinions/opinions are facts.
Minds at birth; after that, anyone may “change”!!

2 months ago

A Kennedy Democrat is worlds better than the krap we have now. Perhaps he can pull the party back to somethin more sane.

2 months ago

Will beat Joe bite me. Can’t beat Trump.

2 months ago

Too bad he is a Democrat. Democrats stand for lunacy, make American progressive socialists, and cheating in elections. They have devastated our education system, once great cities, the rule of law, and the constitution. I don’t care if my father was running for office as a Democrat I wouldn’t vote for a him.

2 months ago
Reply to  Bill

I am right with you there.

2 months ago

He’s running in the wrong party

2 months ago

Biden, and his extended family should be living in a small cell at Gitmo. They are a Global Criminal Organization.

2 months ago

We need a warrior President right now- Our enemy has infiltrated our systems of power so much that it’s not the soldier who will protect us–it’s the politician willing to stand up to the globalist cabal who is trying to destroy us. It is rare to find a politician who actually cares about the welfare of ordinary people over wealthy elites. And even more rare to find one w/ courage, who is willing to be ostracized, censored, fined, shut down and sued, threatened from both criminals and govt criminals in order to do the right thing, and able to get up again, to persist and even win the fight.
RFK has been doing that forever. That was what was great about Trump too and I will always be grateful to him. No matter what happens now, he will always be one of the greatest Presidents of all time. (the GOAT).
But if Trump had listened to RFK instead of Gates, we wouldn’t be in such a desperate situation right now. RFK is also an expert regarding the worst enemy we have right now., and may be the best one to defeat them, esp in light of Biden’s recent gift of U.S. sovereignty to the Gates’ owned WHO.
I don’t know what will happen, but if RFK runs, I may be a Democrat for the first time in my life. 😊😊😊I think many will switch parties if he runs in order to vote for him. (We will have to be careful to get the right Republicans in lesser positions in office during primaries at that time—those offices are important so we need to watch out, anticipating a mass defection from Republican to Democrat registration.)
If we have any election integrity at all RFK will win the Dem primary–big time.
There’s so much at stake right now.. I pray that God helps us during this precarious time and blesses America once again. RFK may be a part of the answer.

2 months ago

Wow! I may have to switch parties in order to vote for him. Anyone who is all in the defense of children is who i want in the WH office.