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What Really Happened On J6 – Mindy Robinson

Via Mindy Robinson:

As someone who was at J6, what was portrayed on TV couldn’t have been more vastly different then what happened in real life. The rally was peaceful until Capitol police started shooting flash bang grenades indiscriminately into the crowd causing mayhem, injury, and death. The biased two tier justice system between patriots upset about a questionable election, and BLM rioters who set fire to the city just months earlier…have not gone unnoticed. Corrupt Congress members and their paid shills in the media blew up J6 to be an “attack on democracy” to run cover for themselves, and demonize anyone who dare question these criminals in DC, the unconstitutional covid tyranny they unrolled out, government censorship of citizens and journalists, and the highly questionable 2020 election we still haven’t gotten answers for.
Now that Elon has freed Twitter, and given political discourse a new life…we have a chance to expose what really happened that day, and why the powers that be lied about it.

You can find me uncensored on GAB @AmericanAFMindy Twitter @iHeartMindy and please check out my Rumble page and new series on America Happens: Conspiracy Truths.

Only the Truth will set Us Free.

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john dallas
2 months ago

The Truth of that day is Slowly coming to the light of day [ May I start w/ a Heartfelt “THANK YOU” to Mindy Robinson for finding & reporting TRUTH – May God Bless Your Soul – Heaven Sent!] ….I did go to the Jan. 6th event…Almost wish I didn’t – I now realize how corrupt our media & government have become – They only report news that supports their preconceived FALSE narrative….Truth be Damned! It was the most surreal day of my life….There was ALOT going on that day – There were 2 different demonstrations that took place that day….one for television at the front of the capital [that video has been released to the public – It all shows information that supports the lefts preconceived narrative…Truth be Damned]….while at the same time at the side of the building – police were basically standing down – allowing people to walk up a ramp to the balcony area freely & at one point allowing people to walk in to the capital[on the back side of the building…..I could have walked in – I did NOT enter the building – I had no idea what I would do once inside – probablly would have walked around and took some pics – just like most of those who did go in]….It’s unbelievable ALL of the video of that day is finally being released [ I hope this is the case – Tucker seemed to back off after Schumer throw a fit – There’s ALOT more video that needs to be released]…….and based on everything I witnessed that day – the ONLY thing that makes any sense – The breach of our Capital building was Simply “ALLOWED” to happen! It blows my mind it’s taken 2 years to release these videos…really curious to see tapes of the area I was in & the guy who supposedly planted a bomb – I hope they find the person who planted the bomb [I don’t think they will….The FBI will Never arrest one of their own…Just another FALSE FLAG event]….May God Bless those in jail [ most of which – In my opinion are Patriots!]…..FYI – NOBODY would have shown up that day – If the 2020 election had been properly investigated!…THANK yOU Mindy [One More Time!!!!]

2 months ago
Reply to  john dallas

Well said, and so right!  NOBODY would have shown up that day – If the 2020 election had been properly investigated!

Charles Imwold
2 months ago
Reply to  john dallas

I’ve said from the get go January 6, 2021 of the so called insurrection at the US Capital was set up by the DNC and Rinos in the US Congress to stop any and all debate in congress on 2020 election fraud ! Now we find out there were over 100 people in the US Congress that wanted a 10 delay in certification of Electoral Vote so that an investigation could be done on election fraud in the 2020 presidential election ! Ask US Senator Ted Cruz !