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Must See: Lara Logan’s Response To ‘Where Do We Stand Right Now In This Country?’ [VIDEO]

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Ralph I Coffman
2 months ago

Trump DRAINED THE SWAMP, Give me a F**kin break. He hired the swamp! 1.Wilbur Ross who was the Bankrupcy guy for Rothschild that decided to not Bankrupt Trump because he saw that Trump was more valuable to the Banksters by letting him keep his money. Mike Pence the insider. Steven T. Mnuchin as Treasury sec came from Goldman Sachs. Elizabeth DeVos education Sec, sister of the head of Blackwater. etc etc etc. Trump is an israeli firster because he knows who really runs “our” country. He did commercials for Netanyahu and Netanyahu did commercials for him. His son in law Jared Kushner, the cultist converted his daughter to his murderous, elitist cult and ran the white house behind the scenes. Trumps Warp-Speed sellout to Big Pharma which he still brags about is a depopulation agenda that has killed &/or injured Millions of ‘US’ here and in other western allied countries around the World. I could go on and on about who the real trump is but look it up yourselves. He didnt and cant turn this country around. I can. Trump is just a Braggard who attacks other political slime and we have become idiots for falling for Team Trumps manipulations. Good God, wake up and be a grown up. Stop being manipulated children. We need All Hands on Deck if we are going to turn our Ship/Country around and head in the right direction. Trump is controlled opposition. We are being played hard. Wake the F**k up before it really is to late to turn the downward trajectory of OUR Country.