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The COVID ‘Pandemic’ Story Started in 1965 | Pfizer Has A Spike Protein Vaccine Patent In 1990 [VIDEO]

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3 months ago

Clearly, Big Pharma manipulated the pandemic to make lots of money. Every last CEO and Board of Directors from Big Pharma, Dr. Fauci, Dr. Brix, must be arrested and prosecuted for crimes against humanity. They should be joined by every State Director of Health, and down to the County Level for promoting the mRNA shots.

3 months ago

The truth comes out eventually sobig pharma must be prosecuted for crimes against humanity along with politicians worldwide ans sued for ever bit of wealth they have

Yeah me
3 months ago
Reply to  Kevin

It also brings to light that the Greek word for sorcery is pharmekiea

Alan Patrick
3 months ago

So when do the Trials begin Against the big pharma begin with this information Now being released? My bet is NEVER

3 months ago

Thank you David, for bringing this to the world’s attention….well, at least to those of us who dare to steer away from the MSM. Wouldn’t it be great if someone in the MSM would “dare” to air the full speech from European Parliament in Brussels at the 3rd International Covid Summit!! You all deserve medals!! Bless you all. QLD, Australia

Debra Kirtland
3 months ago
Reply to  Carla

First you must ask… “Who owns the media?”

Yeah ma
3 months ago

Brings it to light when I was told the virus was made for the vaccine