The FBI’s Dirty Laundry List is Getting Longer, and What Did Joe Just Say? | RVM Roundup with Chad Caton

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Today’s best:

1: We know some of the politicians are way to old, but... The comment Joe Biden just made about Nancy Pelosi... Is she really that old or is that just Joe's meds wearing off again?

2: The FBI’s dirty laundry list is getting longer...

3: Did Kathy Hochul really just invite migrants to come to New York to milk cows and clean toilets?

4: San Fran trans group using known pedophile symbols to be honored by the Los Angeles Dodgers

5: Bud Light & Target have some new competition… North Face's 'Summer of Pride' campaign features a creepy-looking mustache lady/man/whatever…

6: Helping poor people kill themselves is now a solution to poverty and homelessness in Canada… Explain how this isn't Eugenics and a culling of the so-called lower class?

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