Exposing Hypocrisy: Democrats, Gun Control, Racism, and Pedophile Content on Instagram | RVM Roundup with Chad Caton

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Today’s best:

1: Remember when Democrats said it was a conspiracy theory that they were coming for your guns... Well, today, Gavin Newsom is saying they're coming for your guns.

2: Tell us you’re a Uniparty Establishment shill without telling us you’re a Uniparty Establishment shill…

3: Soy Boy embarrasses himself when he gets called out over calling Chip Roy a racist… Then, admits the Biden Regime is racist.

4: Cori Bush thinks black and brown people are too stupid to get an ID in order to vote.

5: Instagram BUSTED promoting pedophile content with its algorithms, according to The Wall Street Journal.

6: Josh Hawley dance circles around a judge who unconstitutionally ruled for discrimination against churches.

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