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The LGBTQ Movement Has Caused Sex Trafficking Of Minors To Explode | The Predators Are Celebrating [VIDEO]

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2 months ago

Time to purge & exterminate ALL pedophiles.

2 months ago

FIRST and FOREMOST, Teryn! STOP USING THEIR WORDS and DEFINITIONS FOR PEDOPHILE. Pedophiles are not minor attracted people (MAPs)!!!! They are PEDOPHILES.

The alt-media persists in ignorance, I hope, doing exactly what these criminals want you to do. They revel in being called ‘elites’. They are not, they are ‘elitists’. Please look-up the word. I’ve had to say this too many times now. Using their words forwards their sick globalists’ i.e., Biden regime’s lies. Know that they are lies created to soften the blow of the facts–these tyrannous politicos and their associates ARE pedophiles–Hunter Biden–and they are profiting from their crimes against the innocent, one way or another.

The criminal sect clearly envisions a sick conditioning of the public that will switch us to their words and lead to acceptance of their deviant behaviors. The globalists say, out loud and in writing, that they want to encourage such while removing protections for children worldwide! That means making laws for themselves so they can later enjoy the fruits of their sickness. PLEASE, GET THIS. Their efforts are to use children as they wish while saving their worldwide revenue line–a voluminous one alongside drugs–they ARE the traffickers.

If that were not true there would be no negative push-back from the FakeSM over the compassionate saving of innocents from harm, as we’ve seen recently in their overly forceful denial of the facts. The Biden regime’s globalists have been pushing out to the public anyone/everyone they can lay hands on to lie for them. “No, oh No, there is not crisis of child trafficking. It’s just not true.” BOLLOCKS!!! The problem is not new. Our understanding of said problem is new. The criminals certainly do not want that–hence the FakeSM’s denials.

Do not be pulled into using their terminology; it’s a sick lie, a trap. STOP empowering them. Stick with reality, Teryn. Use accurate words, not those made-up by criminals