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Joe Rogan Dropping J6 Truth Bombs, ‘This Is Wild’ [VIDEO]

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2 months ago

So why are the republican’s layed back doing nothing=ALL ARE BOUGHT

2 months ago
Reply to  SEC

Because We the People are living in a made for TV movie. Both parties are the enemy. All the bizarre things we see in the news is made for US to distract US. The USA is becoming a communist nation. Very soon the few that can see what is happening and think for themselves will be dead. There are not enough thinkers to fix the problem. The left is brainwashing generations to accept what the gov and “experts” tells them is the truth. All leftist ideologies, liberalism, democracy, socialism, fascism, communism and Marxism have a few people living good at the top, but the rest are stuck living miserable lives of poverty. Welcome to the new American. Should have made a difference long ago, too late now.

2 months ago

He is a load mouth that wastes his voice.

2 months ago
Reply to  NightDipper

I bet you are an expert on “load mouth” right buddy?

Score Event
2 months ago

As long as there is even one democrat or one RINO in office this country is in danger of becoming a third world dictatorship. In a sane world Biden would have never been elected and we would be living safe in a booming Trump economy with the American dream restored. The current generation had better wake up to the fact that voting democrat is ensuring that they will have a dismal future. This is the Soros crime family’s goal and there are plenty of useful idiots making their goal become a reality.

2 months ago
Reply to  Score Event

Have you seen the B.S. they are ding to Trump? We are already in a third world dictatorship. Not allowing defendants to defend themselves and taking away client privilege from a defendant’s lawyer is third world at it’s finest.

2 months ago

Funny people are just now seeing what has been said since day one. Now it is to late. The left has it set up to where nobody involved gets in trouble. You can thank Obama for appointing judges in lower courts. He did this with nobody noticing. The left are vile, conniving children.