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MSNBC: If You Don’t Believe Your Rights Come From SCOTUS Or Congress Aren’t Christians [VIDEO]

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1 month ago

That’s right lady, our rights come from God, not from some asshole who thinks he’s God. Unlike you, some of us won’t sake our souls or bow down to a bunch dumb ass clowns who think they are smarter than everyone else and that they should rule the world. Some of can’t be bought, begged, beaten, or bribed, to trade our morals and ethics as defined in the Bible for the perversions your trying to sale to the world.
Oh, and one more thing…if you think that you marxist and communist can open up our borders letting in and enlisting the help of the young CCP soldiers, Islamic terriorist, and murdering drug dealing cartels, is going to help you win the chaos your wanting to start because all you whiny little sissies can’t get their way, then go for it.
We kicked you punk ass democrat leftist butts in the last civil war, and we’ll kick it again when you soon try to start this next one!
How funny! LOL!