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Are You Eating Bioengineered Food? Aldi Has Some Explaining To Do [VIDEO]

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1 month ago

“ Food manufacturers have historically opposed labeling. They argue that it misleads consumers into thinking that bioengineered foods are unsafe. Countless studies, the USDA and the World Health Organization have concluded that eating genetically modified foods does not pose health risks.”

WHO? The same ones trying to depopulate? Yea, right.

1 month ago
Reply to  LLP

The govt. is not going to tell us if something is bad for us they will tell us the opposite. We cant trust ANY lettered organization i.e. FDA.USDA.WHO. WE CANT TRUST GOV.!!

1 month ago

I’ve never read the ingredients of so many packages in the grocery store in my life and I’ve never so many packages with bioengineered ingredients! It’s appalling.

1 month ago

Hospitals serve up the same stuff. Beware…

1 month ago

Aldi is not a place I’d shop anyhow. Their stores always look shabby and unkept which makes me suspect of the products they carry–cheap. Went into an Aldi once and walked out immediately.

However, ANY bagged food is processed food at all grocery outlets. Called the Costco produce manager at corporate about Gates’ ‘Apeel’ veg because they had been accused of not making the information available to their customers. I was told by him that they no longer buy Apeel. I did not believe him as he spoke, sounded like a lie to me.

Consequently, I don’t buy their organic foods without asking a lot of questions and asking to see the box the veg came in. The box must be marked as an Apeel product but the fruit/veg may not be marked in any manner and is put out on the shelves for customers that way.