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AZ State House Rep Defends Calling UBI Receivers “Fat Lazy Slobs” [VIDEO]

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Arizona Dreamer
1 month ago

That’s my Guy, John!! I will vote for you again.

Mike N
1 month ago

John I agree with you 110%!! I am 65 years old and permanently and totally disabled. My pastor says guys like me, our U.S Veterans, and other hardworking Americans who fell on hardships through no fault of their own are the ones who should deserve this type of benefit if anyone does. However; Most Democrats many Republicans (otherwise known as RINO’s) are evil and they only care about helping those who they think can get them elected/re-elected. God Bless President Trump as he pushes on the victory!!

1 month ago

I’m with you. 👍

1 month ago

The whole government is against citizens. I’m on medicaid. I got a letter I was later told to ignore that said they’d come after any assets I have when I pass on to repay the medicaid system. No one mentioned this when I applied while in the hospital. It’s sneaky, underhanded and its theft.

1 month ago

You go GUY!!