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Dear Liberals, We’re Not Here To Be Friends, You’re Sabotaging The Country [VIDEO]

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1 month ago


A. Tracol
1 month ago

Excellent message, but I believe it could have been a bit more effective without having to descend into the kind of profanity that the left so freely uses.

1 month ago
Reply to  A. Tracol

Adults sometimes use adult language, grow up.

1 month ago
Reply to  A. Tracol

Have to use language the losers understand.

1 month ago

It is written in Ecc 1:9 ” there is nothing new Under This time, everything that has happened will happen again. Nothing will happen that has not already happened.” The Democrats were dumb enough to start the first Civil War, and they’re going to still be dumb when they started again a second time. They thought they could win the first floor, but they were wrong and they lost, and they’ll lose again. Last time we tried to be nice put him in prison hoping that they would change, but they did not. There’s only one answer for there treason, espionage, and crimes against humanity and the American people, and that’s to be hung by the neck until dead. We have to charge them, try them in court, and then sentence them the prison, but most of them will hang. No mercy, not this time. Or the next time they may succeed!
God save America!