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What’s Happening in Texas? Firefighters Battle a Massive Automobile Salvage Yard Fire [VIDEO]

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1 month ago

I wonder how it started since almost every fire seems suspicious now.

1 month ago

These fires are being set on purpose all over with DEW, they did it in Chile just recently. Why??? Why did they use DEW in Chile for??? Why attack that country? The evil ones are gonna burn the whole planet down if they are not stop and no this is no conspiracy theory, they want to burn it all down and take all of us with them down. People better wake your asses up and quick. We are all in danger if they are not stop, period. This is no joke.

1 month ago
Reply to  Jan

Jan – surely if DEW ( Directed Energy Weapons ) were used “on the ground” or “in the air” or even “from space ( satellite ) ” there would be hard evidence recordings of their use ? Several governments are of course investigating and developing DEWs – it is a “Natural Progression” from standard weaponry as it is both easier and safer to deploy and costs relatively little compared to conventional gadgetry. DEW – of various types – has known signatures, or so I am told, so is it not likely their use recently would have been recorded and “protested” if used AGAINST any person or country ?
I far from rule out ARSON – malicious firestarting is simple enough – until it gets out of control and a government is unable or unwilling to tackle it for any reason !

1 month ago

These fires are being set on purpose with DEW all over. They did it in Chili just recently. Why did they set Chili on fire??? Why did they attack that country??? Why are they setting fires all over the planet? The evil ones want to burn down the whole planet and all of humanity down with it. People need to wake the hell up and fast.This is not a conspiracy theory or a joke. They are planning to burn down the whole world and countries. These fires are being set on purpose for what reason to take over the world? To take domination over all of humanity? These monsters need to be stop, I don’t know how but this is not right. They are already trying to destroy crops, how do you control the people? You starve them. People need to get prepared, get you families prepared, get what you need to get through, start stacking up on food and supplies and medicines or whatever. I pray and hope to God we all get through this somehow. Please get yourself and families prepared. I know this may fall on death ears cause everybody is too busy being on tic too and YouTube and social media and doing dumb things and they don’t even care what’s coming, but that’s on them. Her prepared and stay safe and keep your eyes and ears open. That’s all I can say for now.

1 month ago

With all these “spontaneous” fires breaking out and spreading – often against the laws of Nature – one could be excused for thinking “Perhaps these fires are NOT natural or accidental in origin ?” If I were the Insurance Companies Investigator, I think I would be demanding some Sattellite images – time & date stamped – to see just how “Natural” or not as the case may be – many of these fires are ! Flames and fire-causing sparks are not all that commonly found to expand the fire base down-wind.
There again, speaking of Nature, the occupant of the White House is supposed to be able to both walk AND communicate – AT THE SAME TIME !!