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Legal Defense Fund Launched For AZ County Supervisor Indicted For Challenging 2022 Election

A legal defense fund has been launched in support of Cochise County Board Of Supervisor Peggy Judd.  Arizona Attorney General, Democrat Kris Mayes, recently announced Grand Jury indictments of two Cochise County supervisors, Republicans Tom Crosby and Peggy Judd.

Charged with felony offenses, their actions have brought them under the scrutiny of the Democrat led Attorney General’s office for refusing to certify the 2022 midterm election results by the state’s deadline.  The charges against Crosby and Judd include conspiring to delay the vote count and interfering with the duties of the state’s top election official.

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Crosby and Judd, the Republican supervisors from Cochise County, said their intention to postpone the election certification was based on worries about the county’s election equipment.

Mohave County Board of Supervisor Hildy Angius recently launched the fundraiser with this statement:

My good friend, Supervisor Peggy Judd from Cochise County was indicted last week for her vote to hand count ballots before she was tasked with certifying the 2022 election. In essence, she was indicted for doing her job. This is the worst kind of intimidation. Mohave County knows all about that. We have received two letters from the Attorney General‘s office, once for delaying certification in 2022 and more recently when we took a vote to hand count ballots. The letter stated that if we chose to hand count ballots, instead of running them through a tabulating machine, we would be committing a felony. What has become of our Country and what has become of our freedom?
Any amount you can spare would be so appreciated by her and all the Arizona state Republicans who have worked to make sure our elections are clean and fair. Just ask yourself one question: WHAT ARE THEY SO AFRAID WE’LL FIND OUT?
Please Help Peggy. who was one of the bravest Arizona county Supervisors in 2022 and my hero. We need to rally around our people who put their lives on the line to save our country.
Hildy Angius, Mohave County Supervisor, District 2
On the fundraiser page, Peggy Judd has this to say:

America’s courts are being weaponized to force out and silence elected officials who are just trying to do their jobs. It’s now happening in our own state. And it’s now happening to me, as a local government official.

As a Cochise County Supervisor, I have done everything I can to support my constituents and their right to have transparent and accurate elections in their districts. And I have been indicted for it. I have my first court date a few days before Christmas—it’s scary and uncomfortable for this grandmother of 19. Add to this that I am also possibly spending my last Christmas with my very ill husband of 42 years.

I am not a criminal and am terrified of the potential outcomes I will face for simply trying to do my job. Fortunately, I have retained counsel but with much personal sacrifice. I cannot come up with the money on my own. We are modest people, there are no silver spoons in our family. I do not believe I stand a chance of fighting this criminal case against me without an excellent attorney, and I certainly cannot pay my excellent attorney without your help.

God Bless you all. Thank you for whatever you can contribute.

You can visit the fundraiser via GiveSendGo here.

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