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Putin Preparing Massive Assault With 500K MAN INVASION Of Ukraine | EP 3306 – Pete Santilli

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VLADIMIR Putin is feared to be preparing for a new onslaught on Ukraine with up to 500,000 soldiers.

Russia is believed to be plotting an attack across two new fronts – pushing into eastern and southern Ukraine.

Kyiv believe Mad Vlad’s attack may happen around February 24 – the one year anniversary of the invasion.

Putin is desperate to achieve something after a bruising first year which has seen his forces thrown back.

Ukraine however fear the next few weeks will be crucial for the conflict as they continue to call for weapons from the West.

Defence minister Oleksii Reznikov believes Putin is gathering up to 500,00 soldiers for the new offensive.

And it comes as Putin’s top diplomat Sergei Lavrov said Russia was ready to “gain the world’s attention”.