Arizona politics has been on fire all week after the bombshell audio dropped of then Arizona GOP Chair Jeff DeWitt offering Kari Lake money to not run for Senate.

The grassroots America First Republicans in the state revolted immediately and pressured DeWit to resign, creating a vacancy for the state GOP chair.  Last night, moves were made and team America First endorsed Gina Swoboda for AZ GOP chair.  Swoboda is known within the party as a fighter in the election integrity battle and has the support of the America First movement.  Endorsements for Swoboda have come in from: Donald Trump, Kari Lake, Eli Crane, Andy Biggs, Sonny Borrelli, John Gillette, Austin Smith, Tyler Bowyer, Wendy Rogers, and many more.

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I personally met with Swoboda at a meeting in the AZ House on election integrity.  I was extremely impressed with what she was doing to fix the problem, and she was extremely knowledgeable. The AZ GOP meets today and is expected to make a vote for the new chairman.

Here’s one of the best political meme videos yet, focused on the bribe Kari Lake turned down. Turn the volume up!

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