An Arizona woman, Hermenegilda Marquez, has been captured on video allegedly assaulting a bus driver in Mesa on April 11, Fox News reported. Marquez, age 27, now faces charges of aggravated assault following the altercation with the school bus driver. The incident unfolded when Marquez boarded a Mesa Public Schools bus and confronted the driver, accusing her of mistreating her daughter.

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On April 17, Marquez was apprehended and charged with a felony for assaulting a school employee, as reported by Fox News. The Mesa Police Department responded to the scene on W. McKellips Road at approximately 2 p.m. According to ABC 15, the 64-year-old bus driver sustained minor injuries. Surveillance footage from the bus reveals Marquez angrily confronting the driver, then calling out to her child, and continuing her aggressive behavior. Shockingly, Marquez struck the driver multiple times in the presence of the children on board.

Eyewitnesses, including several parents at the bus stop, witnessed Marquez boarding the bus and observed her increasingly aggressive conduct, according to Fox News. As tensions mounted, Marquez seized the radio handset, challenging the driver and pulling the cord, demanding that the driver engage in an altercation off the bus. The driver, who claimed no prior interaction with Marquez, attempted to defuse the situation by reaching for the bus radio.

However, the altercation escalated further when Marquez’s boyfriend intervened, pulling her away from the driver. Despite his efforts, Marquez managed to grab hold of the driver’s hair, nearly pulling her from her seat as she was forcibly dragged off the bus, as reported by Fox News. Subsequent investigations by the police led to Marquez’s arrest, and after reviewing the video evidence, authorities informed her of the felony charges she would be facing.

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