In a shocking case that has rocked the community, Adam ‘Sabrina’ Hetke, a 35-year-old transgender ‘woman’ who identified as a vampire, has been convicted of sexually terrorizing a 16-year-old girl with learning difficulties in Wisconsin. The disturbing incidents occurred while Hetke was under investigation for the strangling death of a man in his home.

Previously jailed twice for sex offenses against women dating back to 2007, Hetke was labeled as having a ‘high probability to reoffend’ by police upon her release in 2016. Despite this warning, he was able to follow the young teen from a Waukesha gas station, armed with a knife, and sexually assault her in July 2021, leading the girl to jump out of her bedroom window in fear.

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Just weeks before this assault, Hetke reportedly confessed to strangling a man to death in Milwaukee, claiming to be able to bring him back to life as “the devil.” It was only after the assault on the 16-year-old that Hetke was arrested for the murder.

While out on mandatory release in November 2020, Hetke began identifying as a woman and was living with three women in Milwaukee when a tragic incident occurred. Vydale Thompson-Moody, 28, was found dead in their home with signs of strangulation. Witnesses reported that Hetke had bullied and assaulted Thompson-Moody, claiming to be removing demons from him.

Following the murder, Thompson-Moody’s mother Serena took matters into her own hands and uncovered evidence linking Hetke to her son’s death. With this new information, police were able to re-arrest Hetke, who was also charged with the sexual assault of the teenage girl in Waukesha.

After being convicted on multiple charges, including sexual assault and murder, Hetke faces sentencing on June 7. The case has raised questions about the handling of her previous offenses and the tragic consequences that followed. Despite the pain of loss, Thompson-Moody’s family remains determined to seek justice and remember his positive spirit and aspirations for the future.

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