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Massive Hole In Trump Fraud Case Exposed | Why Is Nobody Talking About This? [VIDEO]

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15 days ago

this is down to the crooked judge deciding that PDT is guilty of fraud with zero proof anyone lost money or that PDT walked away from an “inflated” loan. Who got hurt? The state collected “excess” taxes if the values were inflated, so they profited if this is true. The lenders all got paid, how is that a fraud or other crime?? I can value my property at ANY number I like. It is ALWAYS up to the lender to do due diligence and get their own appraisal.

The crooked judge says a property is worth this much with no proof or looking at professional appraisals, or comps, etc. Just some friend of the Dims handing in a fake appraisal.

The whole idea is to tie up Trump and his associates as long as possible while costing hundreds of millions, and that IS a crime called judicial misconduct.