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There’s Something ‘Unfortunate’ About Ron DeSantis’ Face – Chris Matthews [VIDEO]



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Frank Boyle
4 months ago

What a total bunch of crap. He talks about candidates getting people to like you, and facial reactions of candidates, and how Barack Obama can make you “feel better” and Nicki Haley “knowing when to strike”. It’s exactly the vain, petty, fake and fawning way the fake lying deception media figures want us to choose a candidate. Yeah, Barack Obama will make you “feel better”. So, you vote for him and get fuc*ed later on with his unconstitutional legislation and exec. orders. These people are in their little elitist bubble talking only to THEMSELVES and jerking THEMSELVES off. They aren’t free press as envisioned by the founding fathers providing the people with data to accurately judge the actual plus points of these candidates for the people and their devotion to the US Constitution. Oh wow, Desantis made a face, wow Chris you’re brilliant. F.U.