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Bill Gates GMO Mosquitos Wreak Havoc In Brazil – Bowne Report [VIDEO]

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1 month ago

Gates depopulation plan is working. This is by design folks.

Plato v2.0
1 month ago

Gates should be declared an international terrorists with a shoot to kill order put out on him!

1 month ago

If those of us on the right are going to maintain any credibility, we have got to at least be more accurate with our facts than your average journalist. Being more wrong than a journalist is a no way to go through life. This video is a case in point. Whatever is going on with “Bill Gates’ mosquitos” in Brazil, those mosquitos are not “GMO” as the video implies. Those mosquitos were supposedly infected with the Wolbachia bacteria to make them sterile. Wolbachia naturally infects mosquitos, it does not genetically engineer them. Gates’ bunch was just really loading those mosquitos up with a lot of Wolbachia to insure they were heavily infected. Hysteria over GMO stuff is being driven by good old fashioned snake oil salesmen. If you really want to avoid consuming GMO organisms, don’t swallow your own saliva. Bacteria of different species in your mouth (and everywhere else) swap genes all the time naturally. All our domestic crops are naturally “GMO” by way of mutations and hybridization. Take a look at the wild ancestor to corn that humans bred into domestic corn (called Teosinte) for an example. I understand the concern about human directed intentional genetic engineering. Yes, certainly it can be used for evil purposes. Like most people, I suspect it has been used for evil and lots of bad actors out there would like to engineer bioweapons. Like most technologies, that genie ain’t going back in the bottle. However, one can be at least a little reassured that just about any kind of gene swap we can do in the lab has already been done many times by nature, and yet we are still here.

Bill Gates promotes and funds a lot of programs. Many are wasteful and stupid for sure, some are flat out evil (but not in his mind), some are based on good intentions and may actually do good. I think sterilizing mosquitos is good when it works and harmless when it does not, except for the waste of time and resources. I’d worry more about Gates and people like him buying up farmland and funding marxist NGO’s.