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Chilling Video Allegedly Shows FBI Agents Showing Up At The Home Of A Trump Supporter [VIDEO]

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Bill Halcott
1 month ago

I am a Trump supporter. Never had any problems. Trump 2024! America First! ULTRAMAGA!

1 month ago

Never open your door. Let them talk to you through the door. And you are lucky they did not shoot your dog.

1 month ago
Reply to  Craigusmaximus

Is his dog a Trump supporter?

1 month ago

The FBI=the American NKVD are watching YOU. Most Americans are completely unaware that the communists took over the USA on 4th March 1933 with the election of FDR who was put in power by the bankers who caused the Wall Street crash in order to prevent president Hoover from winning in 1933 so that the bankers could get their boy Roosevelt in the White House in order for him and his communist clique in the White House to plan the forth coming communist war of extermination against Christian Germany and Christian Europe. Hitler came to power in 1933 in order to counter the communist Roosevelt and his real boss Joseph Stalin. Roosevelt gave Stalin everything he wanted during the war for free but he made Britain pay for everything in order to bankrupt Britain and destroy the British Empire. the Zionist traitor Churchill gave Stalin Britain’s best weapons for free and deliberately kept Britain’s armed forces short of weapons in order to ensure a communist victory over the Christian forces defending Europe, you don’t believe me, read, THE NAMELESS WAR by Captain Archibald Ramsay.