It is difficult to grasp the depths of lunacy and depravity to which the government “education” monopoly has sunk. To assert that it is wholly failing in its stated mission of academically equipping young people as productive and successful adults may be the understatement of the century. The goal of countercultural leftists who overwhelmingly infest the public “school” apparatus is to ensure that upon graduation, no “student” is even functional as an adult, according to traditional standards. How else could they be expected to mindlessly vote Democrat? And if those school officials have their way, things will only continue to get worse and more expensive.

Beyond all the other atrocities being schemed under the guise of “education,” the revolving door of diminished results and increased funding adds the ultimate insult to injury. School administrators, school boards, and liberal politicians long ago realized that as test scores and proficiency levels go down, demands for more money to “fix” the problem become more strident and effective. So costs go up, with zero incentive to actually ever improve things. In truth, better academics would be the greatest detriment to cries for expanded budgets. So, of course, there is never enough money to help the kids, but maybe after the next mil levy increase…

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In the meantime, within the walls of the “classrooms,” a veritable jungle of ignorance and moral debasement has been created, which by all accounts is doing a masterful job of cranking out an assembly line of indoctrinated youth who don’t have any real information on which to base their mindless regurgitations of leftist dogma. And being that they are studiously denied the ability to critically think through the litany of leftist precepts being pounded into them, they are largely unable to do the necessary research or even proficiently read contravening information to come to any reasonable conclusion. As such, they are the perfect minions of the system. And at an enormous financial cost to the taxpaying public, the plan is to keep them that way.

The nightmare only continues to get worse from here. It is hard to believe that barely a half-century ago, in what seemed to be an alternative universe (and not coincidentally, back before the epidemic of school massacres), kids began the school day by saying the Pledge of Allegiance and reciting the Lord’s Prayer. So the pro-communist ACLU joined forces with an embittered atheist to demand such things be removed from the classroom under the baseless auspices of “separation of Church and state.” Their phony claim was that education must be conducted in an atmosphere of moral/spiritual “neutrality” so children wouldn’t feel pressured to conform, one way or another.

Fast forward to 2023, and children are being marinated with every morally abominable precept of the leftist counterculture, from the supposed “virtues” of Marxism to sexually explicit encounters with perverts and deviants. Not many years ago, such behavior would have landed the sick players and their enablers in jail for a very long time to be thereafter registered as sex offenders. Now, the abuses of innocence are perpetrated on an increasingly widespread basis, with taxpayers again footing the bill to have the morality and sanity of their own children destroyed.

Yet that is hardly the end of the nightmare facing once-innocent children. After being deluged with sick/twisted leftist “moralizing,” many kids fall into confusion, at which point the predators pounce and coerce those kids into being poisoned by unnatural hormones and even surgical mutilations under the absurd and despicable premise that they can and should “change gender.” And even for those who don’t fall into such snares, the pressures are enormous to embrace the lunacy or be ostracized and condemned as “hateful and intolerant.” Does anybody still wonder why teen suicides are continuing to spike as teen academics crumble?

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Nevertheless, in the midst of this ongoing, orchestrated disaster, the system is sufficiently corrupt and brazen to fight to retain its evil status quo. And the government school slush fund is vast enough to garner “bipartisan support,” with more than enough tax dollars available to buy off both agenda-driven leftists and their RINO lackeys. In many cases, school boards are preselected by teacher organizations in a manner that would be castigated as a flagrant conflict of interest in any other endeavor. This, combined with the stacked-deck nature of “special elections,” the typical venue of school board selection, in which those who benefit from the results are given vastly greater momentum to selectively bring their own to the polls and sway the results, means the system is far too ingrown and incestuous to ever “fix itself.” Once again, this is deliberately so.

The good news is that America stands at a precipice of making an “end run” around the hopelessly corrupt and self-serving public “education” monopoly. And given the rate at which America’s “classrooms” are disintegrating, the possibility of a proper fix cannot come too soon. Of course, the public “education” establishment is squalling and hysterically decrying any effort to upset their game, which only stands as further proof that it could actually work.

The saving grace causing all of the ruckus is, of course, the advent of school vouchers for educational choice. With them, parents would be empowered to decide for themselves, based on the best interests of the children, where they would be schooled. Currently, the government “school” monopoly gets all the funds, with virtually no accountability. But vouchers change that self-defeating scheme in its entirety.

Once parents have such leverage, not only can they remove their children from the cauldron of leftist brain-washing in public “schools” and put them in an environment that has actually earned their trust by way of excellence, those government schools would then be forced, for the first time in decades, into actual accountability. Their only options would be to get their priorities right or be totally defunded and shut down. And it is at this prospect that leftists in “academia” completely tip their hand.

They are wholly unable to make a quantifiable a case that those children who are removed will suffer for lack of proper education. Private schools invariably score better on standardized tests than their government school counterparts and operate at a fraction of the cost. So leftists loudly demand kids be kept in schools, their sole justification being the “need” to cover the ever-expanding costs. In short, schools do not exist for the good of the kids. Rather, kids must remain mired in mediocrity,  abuse, and hopelessness for the sake of the schools. And this is the ugly defining truth of how the public “education” monstrosity flourishes.

Arizona and Florida may be breaking the dam, where voucher programs are being implemented on a statewide basis. If the deliberate roadblocks and negative publicity can be overcome, actual test scores and proficiency levels of voucher students will quickly outpace those of government “schools.” And that means the movement will spread across the Nation like wildfire.

Leftists are predictably squalling, yet the prospects are enormous for a massive sea change in the way kids are taught. It’s time to do an end-run around the entrenched public school monopoly. Vouchers are by far the best means of accomplishing this goal, being able to restore the needed academic training of young people without having to weed through the corruption and ideological sewers of the status quo, which is thoroughly and irreparably broken. Success or failure will depend entirely on whether the needs of children and families prevail over the appetite of the system.

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