Dr. McCullough speaks out in a never-before-seen, full interview where we talk about childhood vaccines as a whole, myocarditis, and more. The full interview can be found towards the bottom of this article, but let’s start with this clip where Dr. McCullough talks about the tsunami of cardiovascular issues he’s faced in his practice in just the past few years. Watch:

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“I’m witnessing in my practice today a tsunami of cardiovascular issues. And they include myocarditis or heart damage, inflammation of the heart. Progression of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, meaning more rapid development of blockages, heart attacks, strokes, strokes coming in the variety of intracranial hemorrhage, and ischemic stroke, heart arrhythmias, atrial fibrillation, a bothersome problem called POTS, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, where the heartbeat is not a beating in concert with the demands for the body and so an excessive heart rate at times it doesn’t need it, dizziness, passing out. And then, most importantly, probably the most deadly condition of all for cardiovascular disease, blood clots, blood clots occurring in virtually every scenario we possibly could imagine, arterial and venous systems, blood clots that are larger that we’ve ever seen in clinical medicine, and that are resistant to the use of blood thinners, which normally allow the body’s own fiber Linux system to dissolve the blood clots.

So, in summary, what the last three years have brought to cardiology has been almost a career’s worth of work of individuals across an age spectrum with new cardiovascular problems.” – Dr. Peter McCullough

In this next clip, Dr. McCullough goes in to the jabs, stating that they installed genetic code for the engineered Wuhan Institute of virology spike protein. Watch:

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“We had COVID 19 vaccines, the COVID 19 vaccines, and largely in the United States, they are genetic vaccines of the Americans that took vaccines, 94% took messenger RNA vaccines.

These are brand new genetic technologies that install the genetic code for the engineered Wuhan Institute of virology spike protein, and the spike protein itself. We know damages tissues, organs, causes blood clotting. In fact, we know this spike protein itself is lethal.

So the vaccines were in a sense, the installation of a genetic code for a potentially lethal protein. This is the first time in human medicine this was ever done. It sounds like a bad idea. It is a bad idea. And because the vaccines never stopped COVID, they never stopped transmission of COVID they never reduced the severity of COVID. Now people who had already had COVID Were taking the vaccines and getting more COVID Some people took the vaccines first and because they don’t work, they got COVID.” – Dr. Peter McCullough


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