During the critical hours of Election Day, voters in Pennsylvania and Kentucky faced unexpected hurdles. In Pennsylvania, several districts reported downtimes of voting machines, causing disruptions and concerns over the potential impact on voter turnout and election results. The machine malfunctions forced voters to wait in long lines, with some precincts resorting to emergency paper ballots to ensure that every vote could be cast.

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“It’s Election Day here in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. And looking at at the headlines, it’s like Groundhog’s Day. Here with the Gateway Pundit says it’s happening. It’s happening. voting machines down in several districts in Pennsylvania due to due to votes getting flipped.” – Sean Parnell

RVM Network‘s Drew Berquist briefly discussed the Pennsylvania election trouble’s with Matt Palumbo, the Content Manager for Dan Bongino’s Bongino Report. Watch:

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“I think it’s worth noting that, you know, even third world countries don’t, on average, have these problems with elections. So the fact that we do kind of leads me to go in the direction of it’s probably by design” – Matt Palumbo

“I’m telling you, I spent most of my adult life in Afghanistan some time in Iraq too, and other vacation spots overseas, but the elections there, were so broken and you never thought in a million years that we’d have something that was similar, and you come home, and then fast forward to present time, obviously going back to 2020. And you’re like, Well, shit, the Afghans aren’t any better. And  we were running it, which probably tells you something too… they’re not any worse off than we are.” – Drew Berquist

Meanwhile, in Kentucky, a judge granted a 30-minute extension for two polling locations after a gas leak and a police chase posed significant threats to voter access. The decision came as a relief to those who might have been disenfranchised due to the unforeseen events that interrupted the voting process. The incidents necessitated temporary evacuations and road closures but, thanks to the judicial intervention, voters were afforded extra time to fulfill their democratic right.

“Highland Baptist Church in Louisville will now be having “extended voting hours” after being shut down.

BE WARY.” – Nick Sortor

Speaking of being wary, Gateway Pundit pointed out something very suspicious…

These disruptions underscore the challenges of maintaining a seamless voting process in the face of technical failures and unexpected events. In Pennsylvania, the integrity of the voting process was put to the test, prompting election officials to scramble to address the technical issues as quickly as possible. The situation again raised questions about the reliability of electronic voting machines and systems. This concern isn’t just a Republican one due to the 2020 election. Many prominent Democrats have gone on record to say that voting machines are very vulnerable to hacks and manipulation. Watch:

Funny how their tune has changed in the wake of 2020.

And it wasn’t just Pennsylvania and Kentucky that had issues. Emerald Robinson reported: The Voting Machines Just “Failed” In 18 States On Election Day!

“The rampant corruption of America’s rigged election systems is even more comically obvious this time around in 2023 — than it was in 2021 and 2020.” – Emerald Robinson

And in Maricopa County, Arizona (imagine that?), many election day voters showed up to cast their vote before the announced closing time only to find out that it was closed two and a half hours early. It’s important to understand the Democrat voters traditionally dominate early voting and Republican voters dominate Election day voting.

Even at some of the locations that were open, conservative volunteer poll workers were harassed by crazy leftists.

Example 1: Prince William County, Virginia. Watch:

“All MAGA needs to go to Gitmo. You Republican MAGA faggots are scum. You’re scum, buddy” – Tolerant, stunning and brave Democrat

For example two, I’m going back to RVM Network‘s Drew Berquist, his show’s co-host Tom Cunningham and their guest Matt Palumbo to break down this incident in Arlington, Virginia. Watch:

“Then at the end when he was doing the whole, you’re racist or sexist, it’s, if I was the guy, the Republican guy, I would feel so bad. I’d be critiquing him and being like, no, those talking points don’t work anymore. We might want to pivot to like economics or something or whatever, blah, blah, blah. It’s just we’ve heard it 10,000 times and I’m glad the poll watcher didn’t engage and try to do the whole No, I’ve got a black friend. I’m not racist, because they don’t care. They’re saying that to smear us and incentivize violence against us. They do not actually care or necessarily even believe it. It was almost like he was reading off like a bingo board of insults he’s heard on Facebook against Republicans. It was a bizarre encounter.” – Matt Palumbo

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