In the wake of the recent Hamas-initiated violence in Israel, Jewish Americans, particularly in California, have been increasingly arming themselves for self-protection. This uptick in firearm purchases among Jewish communities has been reported following the terror attack that struck an Israeli civilian on October 7.

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“In the past it would have never ever the thought of never would have crossed my mind. Now it’s not only do I, my husband to figure this situation out, but I think we’re all going to be trained on how to use the gun.” – Anonymous Jewish woman

The heightened sense of vulnerability has led to a significant surge in gun sales as Jewish citizens seek to ensure their safety amid rising global and local tensions. Firearms dealers have observed a marked increase in Jewish customers, who cite the desire to defend themselves against potential hate crimes and terror threats as a primary reason for purchase.

This phenomenon is not isolated. Across various states, gun stores are reporting similar patterns. The terrorist attack on October 7 catalyzed this response.

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“firearm purchases by Jewish and Israeli Americans appear to be soaring in Southern California. They are turning to guns for protection in the face of exploding anti semitism. One California shop reports processing 203 firearm safety certificate tests last month alone, that is up by more than 450% Compared to last October.” – Julie Banderas

As the issue of personal security becomes increasingly paramount for Jewish Americans, the ramifications of international terrorist activity are being felt on U.S. soil, manifesting in a tangible shift in gun ownership trends within the community.

In interviews, new gun owners within the Jewish community have expressed a sober realization that they must be prepared for any scenario. This movement towards self-armament is also coupled with an increase in attendance at self-defense classes as the community seeks a multifaceted approach to ensure their security.

This defensive reaction among Jewish Americans spotlights the broader concerns of rising anti-Semitism and the impact of international terror on domestic shores. It also brings to light the complex relationship between global events and individual safety as communities grapple with the implications of faraway conflicts on their personal lives and local safety.

Many people are saying that the Hamas terrorist attack happened in part because Joe Biden is the person currently occupying the White House, and America’s adversaries can see his weakness on the world’s stage. Wesley Hunt is one of those people. Here’s what he had to say about it:

“Weakness breeds chaos. joe Biden is weakness and the world is in chaos.” – Wesley Hunt

Michael  Caputo brings up an interesting point that the Hamas/Palestine-Israel has put the Biden Regime in…

Tea Party Patriots also weighed in…

Now that we’ve established that the attacks in part, at least in the eyes of many, are a result of Joe Biden’s weakness, lets get into the voting habits of Jewish Americans. As reported by Haaretz, “A poll of American Jewish voters released by the J Street organization found that over three-quarters of them cast their ballot for Democratic nominee Joe Biden…”

The way the Jewish community voted in 2020 is by no means an anomaly, they’ve been voting overwhelmingly for Democrats in U.S. Presidential elections for a century as reported by the Jewish Virtual Library:

“American Jews tend to favor Democratic candidates, with 71% of Jewish voters choosing Democratic candidates on average and 26% choosing Republicans since 1968. ” – Jewish Virtual Library

Do not misconstrue what I am saying. I am not saying that the Jewish community is responsible for Hamas attacking Israel. I am saying they are responsible in part (many most likely duped into their beliefs by propaganda pumped into their homes via the mainstream Mockingbird media) for helping Joe obtain the position to showcase his weakness to the world while his puppet masters pull the strings and run the show.

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