Stealing the most powerful Republic in the world… Its that easy.

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“They coordinated to unleash Covid during an election year

“Fortified” the election with mail-in ballots, internet algorithm rigging, and censorship

Banned the sitting President of the United States from all social media

Unleashed anarcho tyranny with BLM & Antifa riots and kept you in your house with lockdowns

Set a trap on J6 to justify DOJ & FBI weaponization against 74 million Americans

Forced you to be injected against your will, opened the borders, crashed the economy with a run on the US treasury, and instigated multiple wars

And now they roll out the red carpet for a Communist dictator who owns half the politicians in America so he can come inspect his work like a conquering warlord

Make no mistake about it, we are already at war

A war unlike any we’ve ever been involved with

2/3 of the country just doesn’t realize it yet

The sooner we wake them up, the better our chances of victory” – DC Draino

Start with a virus.

Import it into America.

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Talk About it Nonstop.

Call some governors. Not the. Not Them. That’s your guys.

Put patients in nursing homes.

Kill thousands.

Blame the President.

Keep Blaming.

Blame some more.

Lockdown the small business.

Kill the economy.

Push mail in voting.

Start a race war.

Call for riots.

Pick a candidate. No, not her. Yea, that’s more like it.

Lock him in his basement.

Shield him from the press.

Don’t cover this.

Don’t cover this.

Don’t cover this.

Keep doing that.

Ignore the economic recovery.

Downplay the world peace.

Pump the policy.



Don’t stop pumping.

Install your software in swing states.

That was fast.

Take control of polling stations.

Call off the election when you’re losing.

Kick everyone out.

Pull out all the extra ballots.

Get the software to do its thing.

Get the media to say its over.

Call the Big Tech guys.

Ban anyone who notices.

Act like the whole thing never happened.

Stealing the most powerful Republic in the world… Its that easy.

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