In a recent CNN segment, conservative commentator Dana Bash raised concerns about President Joe Biden’s alarming approval ratings on key issues, sparking further debate among Republican politicians and pundits. The discussion centered on a recently conducted Monmouth University Poll, conducted between November 30th and December 4th, revealing Biden’s popularity plummeting in two critical areas: immigration and inflation.


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The poll showed that Biden’s approval rating on immigration stood at a mere 26 percent, while his approval rating on inflation was only slightly higher at 28 percent. These figures have become a cause for concern as the nation approaches the pivotal 2024 elections. Host Dana Bash openly expressed her apprehension over these low ratings, emphasizing that they indicate a significant lack of public confidence in the President’s ability to handle these pressing issues effectively.

Joining the discussion, CNN political analyst Seung Min Kim echoed Bash’s sentiments, stressing the gravity of the situation. The panel agreed that Biden’s declining popularity on essential matters such as infrastructure, jobs, climate change, inflation, and immigration paints a worrying picture for his regime. Kim noted the recent visit of senior Biden regime officials to Mexico, which was not only about diplomatic conversations but also aimed to address Republican criticism regarding border policies that have seemingly contributed to the worsening situation. However, as Bash pointed out, the trip does little to alter the harsh reality of Biden facing increasing political pressure on immigration-related matters.

As concerns deepen, the Biden regime has indicated a willingness to negotiate with Republicans on bringing back several Trump-era migrant policies in exchange for passing more Ukraine aid. The proposed compromises involve expelling migrants without proper asylum screenings, as well as increasing deportations and detentions. Nonetheless, these plans have sparked backlash from many Democrats, highlighting the divisions within the party on immigration issues.

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Bash highlighted that the concerns raised by Democratic mayors in big cities cannot be ignored. These mayors are urging the federal government to take action and provide support since their cities are being overwhelmed by a surge of migrants. The segment further highlighted the political ramifications of the situation, with CNN’s Kasie Hunt arguing that the strategy employed by red state governors of sending migrants to blue states has proven politically effective. Hunt noted the challenges faced by these cities in absorbing the influx of individuals and speculated that the Biden regime’s willingness to make compromises reflects their awareness of this issue.

One prominent example cited during the segment was Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who has sent buses full of migrants to cities like New York and Chicago. NPR reported that Chicago alone has received over 26,000 migrants in 2023. Democratic Mayor Brandon Johnson voiced his concern, deeming the situation unsustainable and appealing for federal assistance.

As public discontent grows over Biden’s handling of immigration and inflation, these alarming poll results provide fresh ammunition for Republican critics and conservative voices. They argue that it is imperative for the Biden administration to reassess and address these critical issues promptly to restore confidence in their ability to govern effectively. The coming months will undoubtedly be crucial as Biden’s policies and actions on immigration and inflation come under further scrutiny.

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