In a recent monologue, Newsmax contributor Carl Higbie passionately urged his viewers to remain vigilant against the tactics of fear and division employed by the current administration and the DC unit party. Higbie expressed concerns about the potential misuse of these tactics, not only as a distraction from failures in governance but also as a means to control the outcome of future elections. He argued that the COVID-19 pandemic was manipulated to create a false narrative, blaming former President Trump, justifying a power grab, and promoting fiscal irresponsibility. Higbie stressed the importance of pushing back against these narratives and safeguarding individual liberties.

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Rejecting Mandates and Standing Up

During the pandemic, Higbie shared that he often faced questions about not wearing a mask. His response was simple: “No.” While acknowledging that private businesses could impose their own rules, he maintained the importance of advocating for personal freedom. Higbie mentioned instances where he had encounters with those strictly enforcing COVID regulations, even calling the police on him. He highlighted the significance of challenging such measures, as surrendering one’s rights diminishes their true essence.

The Slippery Slope of Control

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Higbie drew attention to the suppression of information on social media platforms during the pandemic, cautioning against the potential ramifications when this control extends beyond online opinions. He expressed concerns about the possibility of banks denying access to one’s account or remotely disabling vehicles due to going against community guidelines or a specific narrative. Higbie emphasized the need to recognize the dangers of this type of control and how it aligns with the liberal ideology, which tends to overlook the potential consequences.

Turning the Tables on Mandates

In an attempt to make a point about the absurdity of excessive government control, Higbie challenged liberals by proposing a scenario in which conservatives adopted a similar approach. He discussed the idea of mandating exercise for an hour a day under the guise of improving health and combating the COVID-19 pandemic. Higbie also suggested banning unhealthy food and alcohol to save lives, comparable to the arguments made by liberals against semi-automatic firearms. He called for conservatives to embrace their ideological values while highlighting the irrationality of such mandates.

Questioning the Education System and Gun Control

Higbie criticized the public education system and proposed a solution that mirrored liberal tendencies. He suggested placing cameras in classrooms, allowing parents to monitor teachers’ actions while referencing the left’s tendency to support surveillance. Additionally, he advocated for gun ownership and mandatory range time, highlighting the statistical safety in gun-owning environments. Higbie aimed to demonstrate the inconsistency in liberals’ willingness to mandate certain actions while opposing others.


Carl Higbie concluded by urging conservatives to remain steadfast in defending individual freedoms against encroaching government control. He emphasized the importance of not succumbing to fear and division, as these tactics can lead to the erosion of trust in institutions. Higbie questioned whether power-hungry bureaucrats might exploit future situations to maintain their hold on society. He highlighted the key difference between liberals and conservatives, explaining that while conservatives may believe something, they do not necessarily advocate universal mandates. In contrast, liberals tend to favor the imposition of beliefs on all individuals.

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