In a fiery statement, Republican Kentucky Senator Rand Paul launched scathing criticism at Dr. Anthony Fauci, alleging his involvement in an alleged cover-up during the COVID-19 pandemic. Speaking on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo,” Paul raised concerns about Fauci’s visits to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) during the early months of 2020, suggesting a potential influence on Fauci’s actions and decisions.

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During the interview, Senator Paul emphasized the need for trust in government health officials, highlighting the perceived “censorship” of COVID-related information and vaccines. He expressed deep skepticism, placing blame squarely on Fauci, accusing him of manipulating scientists to present contrasting information privately and publicly.

“He commissioned scientists who were saying in private that they thought it was a manipulative virus, manipulated a lab and came from a lab, he convinced them in public to say the opposite,” Senator Paul asserted. “He commissioned and edited a paper that said that absolutely, this did not come from a lab.”

Adding to the complexity of the situation, Paul drew attention to Fauci’s undisclosed visits to the CIA during the early stages of 2020. The senator seemingly questioned the potential influence that Fauci, as a key health official, could have had on the intelligence agency. He also pondered whether the CIA may have exerted influence over Fauci.

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“So there really was an orchestrated cover up on this. We also now know that he was visiting the CIA in early 2020. We know that the CIA scientists, seven of them voted six to one to say it came from the lab, and then they were reversed by superiors, we need to know whether Anthony Fauci influenced the superiors, or perhaps the opposite, did the CIA influence Anthony Fauci?” Senator Paul said. “What was Fauci doing there? How often did he visit? We deserve answers.”

According to Paul, CIA scientists initially leaned towards the possibility that the virus originated from a lab, with a majority vote in favor. However, their opinions were ultimately reversed, prompting Paul to call for a deeper examination of the factors that influenced this reversal.

The Kentucky senator also expressed frustration at the lack of transparency surrounding Fauci’s involvement in projects related to bioweapons and dual-use research. Paul claimed that requests for information and records on related meetings have been repeatedly denied for over three years.

“We also need to know how often he was visiting and what he was there for. Our understanding is he wasn’t recorded on visitor logs, but he was appearing frequently at the CIA. You have to realize that he was not a scientist in charge of a cure for cancer. He was also in charge of a lot of bioweapons money, and in charge of a lot of things that had dual use, and they won’t reveal any of this to us. They had weekly meetings on dangerous dual use research concerns and gain of function and not one item of any of those meetings has been released to us despite us asking for it for over three years. – Rand Paul

Fauci’s role during the COVID-19 pandemic and his management of critical research funding demand scrutiny. We need to know if Fauci’s decisions were influenced by the CIA or if he, in turn, influenced the agency. The American people deserve truthful answers.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is set to testify before the House Select Subcommittee in January, where his role in responding to the COVID-19 outbreak will be the subject of intense scrutiny. The hearings are expected to delve into the U.S. government’s response to the pandemic and the alleged preparations made by Fauci.

The full interview with Rand Paul can be found below:

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