As last year came to close around this time, the analysis at Moonshine was hyper-focused on the usual slate of story lines and developments to provide an expansive array of topical analysis to include the most expansive work anywhere into COVID-19 as a construct of enterprise fraud. The analysis included the continuing manufactured escalation to a multiple front WWIII against China, Russia, Iran, et al.; the stolen 2022 midterms and the consequences; U.S. aid to Ukraine; confirmed entrapment operations in the Capitol “insurrection” and the Mar-a-Lago raid; cover-up operations for John Durham; cover-up operations for Ukraine/Hunter Biden/Burisma and Ukraine/Joe Biden/Sam Bankman-Fried/FTX/ et al.; Cloward-Piven strategy as the mechanism for the controlled internal demolition of the United States; how the Biden Administration was using DOJ/FBI to hunt its political opposition and enemies; and how it all unpacks under the operational umbrella of the Intelligence Community.

And that is just the meat and potatoes of it.

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Moving into 2023, the analysis included dark chapters where the COVID-19 “pandemic” of enterprise fraud was identified as deriving from massive Department of Defense contracts with the manufacturers of mRNA bioweapons labeled as “vaccines” and where they are undeniably evidenced to be harmful with deadly side effects and dismantling the fraudulent narrative on Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin.

Nearing mid-January 2023, The Penn Biden Center matter pertaining to Joe Biden’s decades of illegal classified and top secret documents retention and brokering to China and elsewhere blew wide-open where Moonshine analysis immediately attributed this to an incremental IC operation to remove Biden from the 2024 ballot.

By mid-January 2023, President Trump was confirming much exclusive, longtime and existing analysis at Moonshine including my efforts to draw down on Joe and Hunter Biden’s private equity deal with CEFC China Energy Co.; how energy is the currency for global corruption and crime; and Biden’s proxy status to China including brokering classified and top secret information.

Even before this time, it was clear that DOJ Special Counsel appointments relative to both Biden and Trump were operationally designed to remove both men from the 2024 ballot as projected almost two years beforehand.

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As the revelations of Joe Biden’s thoroughly evidenced criminality emerged to envelop his private equity relationship with Metabiota as a DoD subcontractor under Labyrinth Global Health, Inc. and Black & Veatch, which is relative to U.S. DoD biolabs located in Ukraine specific to COVID-19, the Marco Polo’s dossier on the Biden laptop was finally thrust to front and center.

As expected, the Biden Crime family lashed back at Marco Polo and its founder former Trump White House Advisor Garrett Ziegler with a cascading and escalating attack of operational lawfare to discredit the laptop’s authenticity, reliability and severely incriminating evidence.

Kill the messenger when you can’t kill the message.

In early March 2023, Moonshine analysis accurately detailed major COVID-19 developments indicating the beginnings of how the Intelligence Community would leverage a thoroughly corrupt federal apparatus to cover its tracks of enterprise fraud by manipulating a legislative mandate for the Biden Administration to report on the “pandemic” origins, which requires strict focus on Beijing and a ‘limited hangout’ strategy.

By December 2023, that limited hangout was delivered by ODNI as pointed-out below.

In March 2023, I also dropped this massive article arduously evidencing the Biden Crime Family’s COVID-19 entanglements with Metabiota and the U.S. Department of Defense BEFORE “COVID-19” ever existed bearing the question Dr. David E. Martin always asks, “How can you have a thing before you have a thing?”: Federal Contracts, Timing and Evidence: Private Equity Deals Impossibly Link Bidens to COVID-19 Before It Ever Existed, How Can That Be?.

By this time, Tucker Carlson was reporting on and releasing video on the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation in ways to shine the light of truth on it, confirm the longstanding and existing Moonshine analysis on it and compliment the video evidence I preserved and compiled to the same end a year earlier.

Let’s pause to revisit Tucker again because over time and beginning in mid-May 2020, I’ve sent Carlson exclusive and time-tested Moonshine analysis via Fox and via his personal cell number that he has routinely ignored; not even bothering to ask how I got his personal cell number, and today, he and others sound drunk as hell on Moonshine when they do their normal reporting.

What happened?

Why the change of heart and content?

Why does your reporting now look like the archives at Moonshine?

Those are rhetorical questions.

Is it not ironic that the best rehabilitation for being drunk on the Intelligence Community’s Kool-Aid is getting drunk on Moonshine?

I digress.

In mid-March 2023, analysis completed under my professional namesake [EDIFY Research & Consulting / Media] for an attorney client back in September 2022, contributed to the existing analysis in important ways by further explaining the broader corrupt and treasonous geopolitical landscape through the lenses of the 2020 stolen election and the entanglements of operational law firm Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati.

It did this in a way to establish a direct path to a Biden Oval Office engaged in censoring the truth about the Biden laptop in ways to purposefully and directly interfere in the 2020 election.

On 15 Mar 23, I posted an important article borne out of the existing analysis as augmented by the Silver Valley Bank and WSGR analysis to revisit a critically important projection already made: One of their objectives is to create a felon out of Donald J. Trump to preclude him from running again in 2024. This is especially so since he is dominating every legitimate poll for the GOP primary. It’s why the Capitol “insurrection” and Mar-a-Lago entrapment operations are so necessary. I discuss them both in my series THE HUNT IS ON that is dedicated to the granular details of Biden’s hunting and elimination of his political enemies, which are MAGA and conservative America writ large.[…] One way or another, they’re going to make a felon out of Trump – Capitol “insurrection,” Mar-a-Lago or Daniels. That much is clear and it clears the way for Ron DeSantis as the establishment candidate.”

I continued on to state, Their other objective is to erase their own felonies and treason, which amounts to fully rewriting history because that full list is substantially long. Their contingency plan is World War III and I’ve written about this extensively; especially its capacity to erase and rewrite history while dictating the future course of the world. How did America crawl out of the Great Depression? By allowing Japan to strike Pearl Harbor to guarantee our entry into World War II.

In mid-March 2023, I began renovating a 1920s era home I had just purchased as the remedy for living in a van for a year because I refused to wear a mask or inject myself with an experimental mRNA non-vaccine as a function of my employment; and that bankrupted me to where I lost everything: home, truck, cash life savings, job, career, benefits, full retirement and more.

So, writing hit a brief moratorium until June 2023.

On 07 Jun 23, I published an important piece confirming analysis on the truth of the Mar-a-Lago raid extending beyond its entrapment design to an operational directive to recover direct evidence of severe criminality by the previous Obama Administration et al and lawfully retained by Trump: CROSSFIRE HURRICANE: Analysis and Basis of Mar-a-Lago Entrapment Operation Confirmed – Obama/Biden Sought to Recover Evidence of Own Criminality.

Therein, President Trump declassified the ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ documents, which pertain to the Obama Administration’s FISA/FISC/Section 702 spying on candidate and then President Trump ergo, it is the evidence of the Intelligence Community [former CIA Chief John Brennan directly interfaces here] and Hillary Clinton “Russian collusion” plan that Obama authorized before it was executed.

That piece also revisited analysis from August 2022 noting the timing of the Mar-a-Lago raid to the stolen 2022 midterms and in ways to, of course, preclude Trump from the 2024 ballot as long positioned and evidenced.

Importantly, that piece also drew down on the exact crux of it all where I said this before going on to fill in those granular details, “The nature of the documents has always been the subject of focus and initial indications were such that the Obama administration’s “spygate” [FISC/FISA abuse (most secretive and sensitive court in the nation)] was at the heart of the matter.”

The DOJ/FBI raided Mar-a-Lago to establish a fraudulent narrative for the 2022 midterm elections they intended to steal at the same time they were stealing back evidence of Obama’s and their own severe criminality committed against Trump.

On the very next day on 08 Jun 23; and in the midst of the run-up to the 2024 election, President Trump publicly announced that he had been indicted in the Mar-a-Lago raid keeping the Moonshine analysis and accurate projections on straight rails.

How’s that for timing?

On 09 Jun 23, I analyzed the Trump Indictment where it was positioned that Special Counsel Jack Smith, who was appointed on 18 Nov 22 and who was examining the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation of his principal’s [the IC/CIA] design and creation, “is expected to cite “National Defense Information” to envelop Trump’s indictment into his own constructed and manufactured “lawfare” attack on the former President.”

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago indictment was issued subsequent to Smith’s investigation of the matter.

Mid-June 2023 analysis examined the granular details of Mar-a-Lago as an entrapment operation and scrutinized the timing of the Mar-a-Lago indictment and its utilitarian value as a deflection point construct of operational lawfare designed to detract from emerging evidence of criminality by Joe and Hunter Biden relative to Ukraine and Burisma and a $5 million bribe to Proxy Joe.

On the same mid-June 2023 timeline, concerns grew over the evidence of Biden/Burisma criminality contained in Marco Polo’s forensic dossier of the Biden laptop and therefore, the attacks on Marco Polo and Garrett Ziegler began to escalate, as I reported in conjunction with Ziegler and the Marco Polo team.

By early July 2023, the analysis expanded to cover extensive and concerted efforts out of Merrick Garland’s DOJ to engage in international cover-up operations on behalf of his principal, Joe Biden.

Mid-July 2023 featured another confirming set of developments for existing, accurate analysis when I reported on the “big picture understanding of Joe Biden’s criminality in Ukraine and China with newly emerged [leaked by the intelligence community to remove Biden and possibly Harris] evidence on both fronts relative to Ukraine’s NATO membership and the CEFC China Energy Company.”

Mid-July 2023 also confirmed March 2023 analysis from above where it was clearly indicated that the ODNI’s COVID-19 origins report was a ‘limited hangout’ exit strategy that was shaped inside-out by China so as to align the U.S. internal narrative on COVID-19 to China’s, which consequently aligns it with the WHO, et al.

On 01 Aug 23, a grand jury indicted Trump again and the analysis included an obvious timeline [quoted from a linked source] for anyone looking through an objective lens:

-16 Mar 23: Comer reveals Biden family payments
-14 Apr 23: Trump NY indictment

08 Jun 23: GOP views Biden bribery 1023 form
-09 Jun 23: Trump [Mar-a-Lago] classified indictment

26 Jul 23: Hunter plea deal falls apart
-27 Jul 23: Trump additional charges from Jack Smith

-31 Jul 23: Devon Archer testifies
-01 Aug 23: Trump [Captiol “insurrection”] Jan 6 indictment

Early August 2023 analysis included how the operational lawfare targeting Trump with a line of indictments both handed down and forthcoming was timed to deflect away from ongoing SBF/FTX cover-up operations directly impacting and serving Biden, McCarthy [now Johnson], McConnell, many Republicans and a substantial amount of Democrats.

By mid-August 2023, Trump was indicted again; this time out of Fulton County, GA and over the matter of the stolen 2020 election, but the crux of it is found in how the timing of the indictment aligns with the 11 Aug 23 [subsequent to the failed Hunter Biden plea deal] issuance of order 5730-2023 by AG Merrick Garland: APPOINTMENT OF DAVID C. WEISS AS SPECIAL COUNSEL.

On 14 Aug 23 and three days after Weiss’ appointment as Special Counsel, Willis returned the RICO indictment against Trump and 18 others.

Toward the end of August 2023, President Trump sat down with a Tucker Carlson that sounded drunk on Moonshine, to confirm a substantial body of Moonshine analysis including consideration of a Trump assassination.

By early September 2023, the Ukrainian oligarch who installed Zelensky so he could nationalize PrivatBank for crypto-based money laundering operations that I tie to the SBF/FTX matter, Ihor Kolomoyskyi, was arrested at the same time Biden/Garland internationally based clean-up operations continued expanding and where I arduously outlined all of those jurisdictional details.

By mid-September 2023, Ziegler and Maro Polo were targeted by Biden operational lawfare in litigation serving as a counterattack to the forensic dossier on the Biden laptop at the same time Biden gave ‘Notice on the Continuation of the National Emergency with Respect to Foreign Interference in or Undermining Public Confidence in United States Elections’ as an interface to interfere [steal again] in 2024.

In October 2023, FBI Director Christopher Wray took center stage to cry wolf over China again and he did this in a way to calibrate the DOJ/FBI narrative on COVID-19, which deeply implicates the Bidens in a variety of problematic, criminal and treasonous ways, with the ODNI report previously discussed as being calibrated to China and the WHO.

In early November 2023, the analysis into the IC’s removal of Joe Biden from the 2024 ballot expanded into the plausibility of another Chinese proxy coming to occupy the Executive: California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Going into mid-November 2023, old analysis was revisited in aggregate form to further examine the Nazification of America as Marxist communism begins to take root and permanently so.

Early December 2023 was explosive as we saw the attacks on Ziegler and Marco Polo expanded into criminal forgeries as evidence of supposed wrong doing while the Arlington, VA home of James Yoo literally exploded; knowing that Yoo’s position as a CFIUS contractor placed him over China’s acquisition of U.S. transatlantic cables designated for U.S. military and government communications and in ways that intersect with the Obama administration’s FISC/FISA/Section 702 spying on Trump.

At this same relative time and nearing mid-December 2023, we saw the apparent public green-lighting of Donald Trump’s assassination in ways to confirm what Trump and Carlson previously discussed months earlier.

Mid-December 2023 included further analysis into cover-up operations and DOJ criminality indicated in the omissions from Hunter Biden’s indictment on tax related charges.

Meanwhile, the debacle of Hunter Biden’s defiance of a Congressional subpoena to testify over Ukraine, Burisma and other incriminating matters unpacked on top of Joe Biden’s previous on-record calling for criminal prosecution by the DOJ of individuals in such defiance.

Mid-December 2023 included analysis on overlapping IC Biden operations pertaining to Hunter’s congressional subpoena and the rehashing of the Joe impeachment narrative and examination of the implications of FISA Section 702 being renewed without first having the criminal spying matters fully redressed and remedied.

Mid-December 2023 was packed with developments and analysis while most Americans were preoccupied with preparing for the holidays and they include: 1-a peculiar CDC release on “low vaccination” rates overlapping the CDC’s annual “peak flu” season, 2-more operational lawfare to remove Trump from the 2024 ballot in Colorado and 3-more pretext ballot maneuvering designed to target Trump in California with future operational lawfare.

By late December 2023, the analysis included the reemergence of a Chinese national who operated under the guise of a defector to America and functioned as a CCP operative tasked with poisoning the well of COVID-19 internal U.S. narrative and dialogue where the analysis positions him as integral to ODNI/IC COVID-19 assessments and reporting.

Late December 2023 also saw another state in Maine engage in operational lawfare to remove Trump from its 2024 ballot by another Democratic Secretary of State with deep and long partisan ties.

Late December 2023 analysis also included the issuance of the NIC report on foreign interference in the 2022 midterms as another IC cover mechanism that also provides the contextual interface to intercede on and interfere with the 2024 election; noting the confirmation fit in the analysis above.

Remarkably and around the same time, the NIC report on foreign interference in the 2022 midterms, which points a finger at Russia, discounts China and virtually dismisses Iran, completely ignores Ukraine, FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried, who laundered and converted to crypto $42 billion before sending it back to Joe Biden, Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, some Republicans and a whole bunch of Democrats in the form of campaign donations; and where those monies were initially authorized by its recipients in the form of aid to Ukraine in support of a manufactured war by the IC [Obama, Biden, Clinton, Kerry and Nuland] beginning in 2014.

On 31 Dec 23, the last day of the year, we learn of “new” developments again representing Moonshine archive items but in ways confirming for the analysis, nonetheless.

The first is this: The DC Establishment Is Deeply Concerned That Trump May Have Copies Of His Declassified Binder.

Of course they are because, yes, he does and yes, that’s our Mar-a-Lago “Russian collusion” evidence concerning all of the Obama Administration’s designs for and execution of FISC/FISA/Section 702 criminality that according to black letter law, rises to the level of abject treason.

Mr. Trump is assumed to have taken exhaustive steps in alignment with the law and in light of national defense priorities and protocols where that evidence was duplicated, preserved, compartmentalized and secured in more than one location and in ways inaccessible to this criminal enterprise; including the current occupier of the Executive or any of his agency or department functionaries.

The second its this: The Continuing Plot To Silence Trump’s 2024 Comeback.

Yes, of course, this is the totality of the operational lawfare analysis contained in hundreds of Moonshine articles and they even get it right all of the way down to the Capitol “insurrection” being an entrapment operation [my words, not theirs] necessary to predicate the appointment of special counsel as the architect and executor for that operational lawfare.

By examining the existing Moonshine analysis on critical developments in sequence for all of 2023; and overlaying the broader chronological argument with two items published at the year’s end, we conclude that the analysis is remarkably accurate and long before others finally reached the same truthful and logically deduced conclusions.

2023 in review is a clear projection for 2024 meaning that matters are going to intensify and escalate along established lines and none of that is any good for any of us.

Looking forward, I suggest giving credence to the analysis because matters continue to unpack as that analysis portends and now mainstream reporting is reaching the same conclusions but years late.

In fact, the reporting these days has many reporters; at least the ones reporting the truth, sounding like they’re drunk as hell on Moonshine.

Today is New Year’s Eve and I can’t think of a better day to be drunk as hell; on Moonshine or otherwise or both.

Happy New Year, folks.


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